The Hanfu Qixiong Ruqun is the most elegant attire that showcases the grace of women

The Hanfu Qixiong Ruqun is the most elegant attire that showcases the grace of women

"The eyebrows with black eyebrows capture the color of daylilies, and the red skirt kills the pomegranate flowers with jealousy."

The woman with glamorous makeup, the indigo on her eyebrows took over the color of day lilies, becoming more delicate and charming; wearing a gorgeous red dress, even the fiery red pomegranate flowers died of jealousy. It can be seen that this is such a beautiful and moving picture. The woman with beautiful makeup and beautiful skirt puts the flowers and plants around her to shame. Her extraordinary grace, whether moving or still, makes people feel love and affection.

Later, we also called this beautiful skirt the pomegranate skirt. Throughout the ages, countless talented people have fallen under the pomegranate skirt of the beautiful lady. And this pomegranate skirt refers to a chest-length underskirt.

Chest-length underskirt is a type of Hanfu. It was first seen in the Northern and Southern Dynasties. It is a name for a unique women's underskirt in the Southern and Northern Dynasties. It is named according to the position of the skirt. It is distinguished from high-waisted underskirt. It is tied below the chest and above the waist, the waist-length underskirt is tied around the waist, and the chest-high underskirt is tied under the armpits.

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During the Sui, Tang and Five Dynasties, the top was a short jacket, consisting of a half-arm (belonging to the blouse. The half-arm is shaped like today's short-sleeved shirt, because the length of the sleeves is between the long sleeves and the crotch, so it is called a half-arm) and a shawl (an accessory) It was an important part of the skirt at that time. In the Sui Dynasty, small sleeves became fashionable again. In the Tang Dynasty, short-sleeved jackets with short sleeves and floor-length skirts were worn for a long time. However, after the prosperous Tang Dynasty, the clothes of the nobles turned to wide and long clothes. At this time, the collars of the jackets varied. Among them, topless and large-sleeved shirts were once popular, showing the spiritual outlook of ideological emancipation in the prosperous Tang Dynasty. The shawl evolved from a narrow and long shawl, and later gradually became a streamer draped on the arms and danced on the front and back. This was a typical dress for ladies in ancient China and was most popular in the Tang Dynasty and the Five Dynasties.

The Hanfu Qixiong Ruqun is the most elegant attire that showcases the grace of women - Image 2

The pattern of the skirt is made of four connected pieces, narrow at the top and wide at the bottom, hanging down to the ground without any edges. The waist of the skirt is made of silk strips, and the two ends are sewn with ties. In the prosperous Tang Dynasty and the Five Dynasties, the fabrics of lower skirts were mainly silk fabrics, preferably in multiple pieces, and the skirt waist was lifted up. At this time, the skirts were brightly colored, mostly deep red, purple, moon green, grass green, etc. Among them, pomegranate red skirts were popular It lasts the longest time, has various colors, and seeks differences among many, which makes people dazzled and dizzying. For example, the bird skirt of Princess Anle, the daughter of Emperor Zhongzong of the Tang Dynasty, can be regarded as a masterpiece in the history of Chinese weaving and embroidery; Wu Zetian's bell skirt is decorated with twelve bells on the four corners of the skirt, which jingles as she walks. The short jacket and shawl are matched together, showing the graceful and plump charm of the women in the prosperous Tang Dynasty, showing the very poetic beauty and rhythm.

Chest-length underskirts are generally divided into two types, one is the chest-length undershirt with a double-breasted skirt, and the other is a cross-collar chest-high underskirt. Generally speaking, the chest-length underskirt with a double-breasted skirt is more widely used. Narrow-sleeved, straight-sleeved and wide-sleeved jackets are common, and can also be paired with large-sleeved shirts. Skirts are divided into one-piece and two-piece styles, with different ways of wearing them.