The Hanfu Graduation Photo Craze in China is Sweeping In

The Hanfu Graduation Photo Craze in China is Sweeping In

The trend of "Chinese style matching" is blowing from Taobao again during the graduation season.

A variety of Chinese-style collocations, such as "Chinese-style bachelor's uniform with cloud shoulders" and "Bachelor's uniform with an eight-piece skirt underneath", were among the hottest searches on Taobao during the graduation season. Chinese clothing and accessories such as cloud shoulders, eight-piece skirts, and hairpin hats have become popular items in the 2024 graduation season. The "Chinese Princess Graduation Photo" outfit on Taobao has aroused heated discussions.

From the "New Year's greetings outfit" in the Year of the Dragon, the "outing outfit" in early spring, the "toast outfit" for weddings to the "Chinese princess graduation" outfit in the "graduation season", national style clothing has become a sense of ritual for young people The first choice for outfit.

According to data from Taobao Roadside Social Network, as early as early April, the popularity of "Chinese Princess Graduation Photos" on Taobao's hot search erupted in advance, and many consumers purchased cloud shoulders and hairpins on the eve of graduation. Wear hats and other national-style items to match your bachelor’s uniform. According to the person in charge of Taobao's hot searches, the search volume for keywords such as "Chinese princess graduation photos" continues to rise. This week, the popularity of Chinese-style academic uniforms with cloud shoulders increased by 350%, and the popularity of hairpin hats increased by 336%.

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Graduate Yang Nan said: "I have prepared the Chinese-style graduation photos carefully for a long time, and specially bought cloud shoulders to match the bachelor's uniform. The shooting effect is very good, making graduation more ceremonial." Yiyi, a graduate who studied abroad, also posted a "Chinese princess graduation photo" on social media. She said, "At the graduation ceremony, an old lady said, 'Only Chinese princesses wear such beautiful clothes.' This made me very proud." .

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Taobao clothing data shows that many of Taobao’s leading menClothing stores focus on launching new cloud shoulders and other products during the graduation season. Taobao Hanfu store "Thirteen Little Cardamom Chinese Style Studio" focuses on launching a variety of cloud shoulder styles during this year's graduation season, such as "Jun Xin Ling Yun", "Nine Golden Boughs", "Blue and White Broken Jade", "Night Sailing Ship", "Blue Bird Returns to Sichuan", etc. ; The "July Eve Original Chinese Style Hanfu" store also launched heavy embroidered cloud shoulder "Four Seasons Good Scenery"; "Weaving Division", "Jinghuanjue" and "Zhong Lingji" and other leading Taobao Hanfu stores also launched new ones one after another.

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In addition to popular items such as cloud shoulders, hairpin graduation caps, and eight-piece skirts, a series of "new combinations" related to graduation have also emerged on Taobao hot searches, "bachelor uniforms with oil-paper umbrellas", "bachelor uniforms with oil-paper umbrellas" "Pair it with a round fan", "Pair it with a cheongsam under a bachelor's uniform", etc. The popularity of these "new matching" items on Taobao hot searches has increased by more than 300%.

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During the graduation season, more and more young people choose to match Chinese clothing and accessories and take "Chinese Princess Graduation Photos" to end their student careers. It can be seen from the hot search data on Taobao that young people’s love for traditional culture is constantly growing. Following the “horse face skirt”, “cloud shoulders”, “eight broken skirts”, “hairpin graduation caps”, etc. "Chinese Princess Graduation" outfits are becoming the next hot trend.

Meng Yin Xiaofeng

Proofreading Li Haihui