Teaching you four ways to wear Hanfu Ruqun

Teaching you four ways to wear Hanfu Ruqun

Speaking of the most popular shapes in Hanfu, chest-length shirts and skirts must be on the list. Although many people have had controversy over the name of the skirt/shirt skirt, this does not affect people's love for it. So, today I will show you some “alternative” ways to wear Hanfu skirts!

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First of all, it is the most commonly used way to wear it. Wear the jacket inside the skirt, then put a chest-length skirt on the outside and tie it with laces, and the image of a little fairy from the Tang Dynasty suddenly appears.

In addition to the simplest way to wear it, you can actually find many other ways to wear it. For example, you can wear a bust-length skirt as a tube top skirt, and then put on a sun-proof cardigan or top, so that it looks more resort-style. .

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Of course, in addition to this, you can also tie a tie around your waist to tighten your waist when wearing a busty skirt alone. In this way, everyone's waistline can be better highlighted, and it will look more like an ordinary tube top and waist-cinching long skirt! Even if you wear a chest-high underskirt in the normal way, you can still add a tie around the waist. Of course, everyone still has to decide how they want to dress based on their own preferences.

In addition, you can also wear the chest-length skirt as a waist-length skirt. Of course, when you wear it like this, you need to add a small suspender on it.Oh, otherwise, it would be easy to lose everything! After wearing a bust-length skirt as a waist-length skirt, you will inevitably feel that the skirt is a bit long. At this time, you need to use a bustle!

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The method of adding bustles is actually the method of wearing Hanfu into Lolita. As for the edge of the skirt, you can find a way to connect it to prevent it from spreading out. If you are skillful with your hands, you can also make some flowers look like on the hem of the skirt~ This way of dressing can be considered a kind of imaginative way. I wonder if you have ever tried this way of wearing Hanfu?