What do Tang Dynasty women wear under their Hanfu Qixiong Ruqun

What do Tang Dynasty women wear under their Hanfu Qixiong Ruqun

Readers who like Hanfu will often hear the terms "Ruqun" and "Shenyi". Today, we will take you through the most common style of Hanfu in movies and TV series: the attire of women during the Tang Dynasty, and let you know about Hanfu and see what knowledge and secrets are hidden in the chest-high skirt.

What's so embarrassing about a chest-length undershirt?

Many historical and cultural works describe the grandeur and openness of the Tang Dynasty, often using the revealing and open clothing of women in the Tang Dynasty as examples. In various portraits and sculptures, almost all Tang Dynasty women have their snow-white breasts and cleavage exposed. What creates this visual effect is the chest-high skirt.

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In many Hanfu books, the existence of waist-length skirts is ignored, and chest-length skirts are all classified as high-waist skirts. In fact, a high-waisted underskirt refers to an underskirt with the waistline below the chest. If the waistline is above the chest, it is considered a chest-length undershirt. Why are you so embarrassed to shout about the chest-length undershirt?

Influenced by traditional and conservative ideas, the Hanfu style of chest-length skirt has never been renamed. In today's society, "butt-length skirts" are accepted by the public, so what's the harm in a chest-length undershirt?

Men in China also wear skirts

Ruqun is the basic style of Hanfu. The word "襦" that is unfamiliar to most people means short jacket. In the Hanfu system, the upper part is called ru and the lower part is called skirt.

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Over the past 2,000 years, although Hanfu has varied and varied, it remains true to its origins. The difference is nothing more than the length and width of the skirt., the basic style has not changed much.

Many people think that Scottish men's short skirts are particularly charming. In ancient China, men also wore skirts. The underskirt was once a style of clothing worn by men. However, later the "skirts" worn by men were specifically called "clothes". "Shang Ru and Xia skirt" has become "top and lower skirt".

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Later, the times continued to develop, and the styles of men's clothing also continued to evolve. A system that connected the top and bottom together appeared. This is the deep garment. From then on, the number of folk men wearing skirts gradually decreased. Nowadays, deep clothing is praised by many students as the representative of Hanfu, while the role of men wearing underskirts is gradually unknown.

A chest-high underskirt that both tightens the breasts and is easy to fall off

Many women like the gracefulness, sexiness and coolness of chest-high underskirts, but they cannot avoid the trouble of being uncomfortable with their breasts tightened and the skirts easily falling down after wearing them. How can I wear a chest-length undershirt without it being strangled or falling off?

First of all, women with large enough breasts are more suitable to wear chest-length skirts, which make them look sexy and not easy to fall off. If your breasts are not big enough, you can also wear a two-piece front and back skirt. This kind of underskirt can be tied with straps at the front and back, making it more secure to wear.

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Although the straps are too loose and easy to fall down, you should also pay attention to the strength when tying the straps of the skirt. If it is tied too tightly, it will not only constrict the chest, but also make it difficult to breathe.

Can’t tell the difference between a waist-length undershirt and a hanbok?

Hanbok is also a famous element in South Korea, where entertainment, film and television are developed.white. The Korean drama "Dae Jang Geum" once brought a wave of Korean server craze in mainland China. There are many similarities between Hanbok and our country’s chest-high underskirts, which makes it difficult for many people to tell them apart.

Hanbok inherits the chest-length skirt from my country's Tang Dynasty and draws lessons from the Ming Dynasty's style. Although they look similar, they have many obvious differences. The biggest difference is that the top of a chest-high underskirt is worn inside the lower skirt, while the top of a Korean bok is worn outside the lower skirt.

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If we look carefully, we will also find that the skirt of the Hanfu chest-length skirt has a vertical hem. As for the skirt of Hanbok, the skirt will look very fluffy and wide.

There is another difference that affects the eyesight of gay men: the tops of Hanbok are still more conservative, usually with cross-collar collars, covering the breasts very tightly. The chest-length underskirts of the Tang Dynasty could have open plackets and other styles to show off the snow-white chest.