Essential items for getting into Hanfu

Essential items for getting into Hanfu

Hanfu is the traditional clothing of the Han nation. Also known as attire, clothes, and Chinese clothing. Hanfu is the embodiment of China's "land of clothes", "land of etiquette" and "splendid China". It carries China's outstanding craftsmanship and aesthetics such as dyeing, weaving and embroidery, and inherits more than 30 Chinese intangible cultural heritages and protected Chinese arts and crafts. . As a representative of Chinese civilization, it has various styles and rich connotations. Today I will show you some of the main styles of Hanfu!

Ruqun (ru qun)

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Ruqun is a type of Hanfu. The short jacket worn on the upper body and the skirt worn on the lower body are collectively called the Ruqun. It is a typical "top and lower skirt" clothing system. A short jacket or shirt, called "Ru", usually no longer than the knee, a long tight skirt, a shawl, and half arms. Ruqun appeared in the Warring States Period and rose in the Wei, Jin, Southern and Northern Dynasties. This style shows the elegance and graceful beauty of ancient women.

Qu Ju(qu ju)

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Curved train, this is a style of Hanfu, characterized by "continued gusset hook edge", that is, there is a curved train that covers the back. It is a common costume in the Qin and Han Dynasties. Most of the Hanfu of this shape are slim, have no patterns, and are relatively simple, but they can highlight the figure or temperament.

Chest-length shirt skirt (qi xiong shan qun)

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Chest-length shirt skirt is a kind of traditional clothing of the Han nationality. Since the Han and Jin Dynasties, the waist of the skirt has been tied around the waist. During the Sui, Tang and Five Dynasties, the waist of the skirt has been tied higher, and many of them are on the chest. Some costumes have been called It's a high-waist shirt skirt. This shape can cover up the shortcomings of the legs and buttocks and is suitable for women of all shapes. Due to misinformation by some merchants, chest-length shirts and skirts are often mistakenly called chest-length skirts. The correct name is chest-length shirts and skirts.

Shen Yi(shen yi)

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Shenyi is a style of Hanfu. It originated from the Yu clan, the ancestor of the Yu Dynasty. The clothes and clothes were connected together to cover the body. They were cut separately but sewn up and down. Because the quilt was "deep", it got its name. In layman's terms, the top and bottom are connected together, with fabrics of different colors as the edges (called "Yi Yuan" or "Pure"); its characteristic is that the body is hidden and elegant.

Ma mian qun

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Horse-faced skirt, also known as "horse-faced pleated skirt", is one of the main skirt styles for women in ancient China. There are four skirt doors at the front, back and outside, two of which overlap. The outer skirt door is decorated, and the inner skirt door has less or no decoration. , the horse-faced skirt is pleated on the sides, and the waist of the skirt is mostly made of white cloth, which means growing old together, and is tied with ropes or buttons. The horse-faced skirt was the most typical style of women's clothing during the Ming and Qing Dynasties. Its style has gone through a series of changes from the freshness and elegance of the Ming Dynasty to the gorgeousness and wealth of the Qing Dynasty, to the beauty and simplicity of the Republic of China, but its "horse-faced" structure has always been deeply rooted. ​