The reason why the Hanfu horse-face skirt sells 300 million copies is what

The reason why the Hanfu horse-face skirt sells 300 million copies is what

The "new Chinese style" horse-faced skirt can be regarded as the latest trend.

It is the "shirt" worn by celebrities in street photography and shows. It is a hot search as soon as it is worn, and it has become a topic and popularity. It is the most beautiful scenery in spring. The elderly, mushrooms, and children all wear their own horse-faced skirts. It collides with spring; it is also popular on social platforms. Fashion and travel bloggers take horse-faced skirts to check-in all over the world, reproducing the elegance and charm of oriental Chinese clothing; and, wearing horse-faced skirts to check-in and take photos People can see it everywhere, which also proves the popularity of horse-faced skirts from another direction.

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From being a niche to being popular now, why is the new Chinese style represented by the horse-faced skirt so popular? Today, let’s talk.

01. How popular is the new top horse-faced skirt?

Whether a phenomenon or a behavior is really popular can be easily judged from the data on major social media. How popular is the horse-faced skirt, which is said to be the new top trend, on major social media?

On Weibo, there are nearly 30 hot search topics about horse-faced skirts, among which #马面skirts are sold out#, #Caoxian sold 300 million horse-faced skirts and are still in short supply#, #马面skirt orders increased by 841% year-on-year Topics such as # and #400 college students returned to Caoxian town to sell horse-faced skirts once again prove that the popularity of horse-faced skirts is by no means a media boast, but a reality, and the sales volume is considerable.

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On Xiaohongshu, there are more than 1.17 million notes related to horse-faced skirts, and there are 630,000+ related products launched in the New Year.

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On the Douyin platform, short videos related to horse-faced skirts have been played more than 20.57 billion times.

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Closely related to the horse-faced skirt, different forms of content display on different platforms have received high attention and discussion, and have further attracted the public's attention, making the horse-faced skirt dominate the spring as a dark horse.

Obviously, it is an indisputable fact that the horse-faced skirt has become popular and "out of the circle". On Xiaohongshu, blogger Qianyi shared his notes about wearing a horse-faced skirt while checking in in Paris, which attracted many people to watch. Horse-faced skirts have become popular in China and abroad. Many videos of people wearing horse-faced skirts visiting popular tourist spots at home and abroad have also received many likes.

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The horse-faced skirt is a traditional Chinese costume. It is versatile and suitable for consumers of different ages. It also contains a unique cultural charm of oriental beauty, making users' love deeper and more concrete. So why has the new Chinese design represented by the horse-faced skirt become so popular all over the world?

02. What is the root cause of the popularity of the new Chinese style, represented by the horse-faced skirt?

From celebrities to the public, from domestic to foreign countries, the "eye-catching" and "money-attracting" abilities of horse-faced skirts are obvious to all. Looking at the essence through the phenomenon, let’s explore the fundamental reasons behind the popularity of “new Chinese style outfits”.

The horse-faced skirt that has traveled through thousands of years is the crystallization of craftsmanship and wisdom

Originating from the Song Dynasty, it was originally created for the convenience of women riding donkeys at that time. After being improved by contemporary consumers, the horse-faced skirt has become popular in modern times. It is itself a fusion of culture and the crystallization of wisdom.

The four skirt doors at the front and back overlap each other, and the side pleated design is unique and elegant. It is very convenient for visiting relatives and friends, traveling and shopping. Depending on the hem style, consumers can use long johns or stockings as a base according to different temperatures without affecting the appearance. The pleated skirt, high-waist design and use of drapey fabrics make the wearer dignified and upright, and have the effect of modifying the long legs.

Moreover, the patterns on the horse-faced skirt also have their own rules and regulations. The dragon and phoenix represent good luck and a good marriage, the peony symbolizes wealth and glory, the chrysanthemum has the meaning of health, safety and longevity, and the bamboo has the meaning of elegance and elegance... which also makes magpies. Compositions such as heralding spring, five blessings and longevity, pines and cranes prolonging life, happy brows, mandarin ducks and lotus ponds have become the choices of everyone. It can be said that every horse-faced skirt has its own language and is an external expression of the inner spirit of the consumer. What is elegant is the clothing, and what is luxurious is the culture itself, and the new Chinese style clothing just combines elegance and luxury.

In line with modern aesthetics, it has become a must-have item in everyone’s wardrobe

With the rise of national style and trend, more and more consumers have developed a strong interest in traditional clothing. The improved cheongsam, Hanfu, Tang suit, and horse-faced skirt have their own fans. The improved clothing satisfy It has met the daily wear needs of many people and opened up a new consumer market for new Chinese style. Secondly, new Chinese-style outfits that fit the aesthetics of contemporary young people can help them select and expand their friends list, which is an excellent social currency.

Moreover, the popularity of “new Chinese-style outfits” is inseparable from the fusion of traditional culture and modern aesthetics. People bring the culture hidden in museums and books into their lives. They can be salty or sweet, versatile and suitable for different scenes. The beautiful and practical "new Chinese style" has become a must-have for everyone's wardrobe.

Traveling through thousands of years of wisdom, luxury, elegance without losing cultural connotation,It makes people think that they should always wear a horse-faced skirt and experience the beautiful Chinese costumes. The emergence of new national style and new Chinese style can be said to be a two-way rush between users and the market, and it is also a concrete display of the charm of traditional culture.

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The love for traditional culture is a manifestation of cultural confidence

From the outside, it seems that cheongsam, Hanfu, Tang suit, horse-face skirt and other clothing are out of fashion. Young people follow the trend and fall in love with Oriental Chinese clothing. From a deeper level, the essence of traditional Chinese clothing has been inherited and spread, showing the depth and breadth of Chinese civilization, allowing us to see the strong vitality of Chinese culture itself, and arousing people's cultural identity to the greatest extent.

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Not only is traditional clothing out of the industry, the new Chinese style trend has swept across many industries such as home design, beauty and skin care, new tea drinks, etc. It has a unique expression of oriental aesthetics and has generated many hot topics related to traditional culture. Museums have become a new way for young people to check in. Cities with rich history and culture, such as Xi'an, Luoyang, Guanghan and other cities, have developed a tourism boom and set off a new round of traditional cultural consumption boom.

This is a manifestation of contemporary young people's preference for traditional culture, reflecting the attractiveness and inclusiveness of traditional culture itself, and also highlighting consumers' cultural confidence.

Write to the end

As the craze for traditional culture continues to heat up, let us discover that the inheritance of culture andCommunication does not exist in isolation, but integrates tradition and trends to innovate, and uses more novel expressions to integrate culture into all aspects of life, so that traditional culture can enter the hearts of users in a tangible and sensible way, bringing people a new In addition to the aesthetic experience, it also provides more people with new elements that they continue to love.

It can be said that the popularity of "New Chinese Style" has opened a new window for more people to understand traditional culture. In the future, we look forward to more vivid ways of carrying culture, which will not only enrich public life, but also provide new directions for trend setting and cultural export.