The Chinese Hanfu horse-face skirt is selling like hotcakes

The Chinese Hanfu horse-face skirt is selling like hotcakes Who would have thought that the "Dior copied Chinese horse-faced skirt" incident would have such great stamina. In July 2022, after Dior's new product was revealed to be a copycat of Chinese horse-faced skirts, sales of horse-faced skirts have been increasing. Cao County, "a big county for horse-faced skirts," made a profit of 550 million from selling horse-faced skirts in the first two months of this year. The sales of Year of the Dragon New Year clothes, which are mainly horse-faced skirts, exceeded 300 million during the Spring Festival. There is a Hanfu brand that has only been in operation for one year, and its turnover exceeded 100 million. Xinghe Hange, which was founded just 10 months ago, has a turnover of 70 million, and once made a daily profit of 1.5 million yuan. What is the concept of making 1.5 million a day? I got 62,500 yuan in one hour, and I earned a monthly salary of 3,000 yuan in one hour, which is what a dozen workers would earn in a year and a half. Another protagonist in the comparison incident, the LVMH Group of the Dior brand, saw its revenue share in China slipping from 35% to 30%. Since then, the performance of the Chinese market has plummeted year after year. Dior probably didn't expect that this time, the Chinese could hold on for so long... 1 In July 2022, Dior launched a new skirt, priced at nearly 30,000, and it was sold out on the day of release. Sharp-eyed netizens noticed that this skirt looked so much like a Chinese horse-faced skirt, and thought that this was normal. There are many people who have borrowed elements from Chinese clothing throughout the ages. As a result, I accidentally glanced at the product introduction, and immediately looked like an old man on the subway looking at his mobile phone.   The Chinese Hanfu horse-face skirt is selling like hotcakes - Image 1 "This skirt is in an iconic Dior silhouette", which translates to: This skirt is our Dior original. According to their logic, it is understandable to say this, because in their common understanding, this type of skirt with a small top and a large bottom was pioneered by Christian Dior, the founder of Dior. There is nothing wrong with the emphasis on “using the iconic Dior silhouette” here. However, as we all know, horse-faced skirts were popular during the Ming and Qing Dynasties. If Dior’s new product is original to Dior, then press Dior's logic, can Dior be regarded as created by the ancestors of the Ming and Qing Dynasties? Moreover, at that time, people in the Ming and Qing Dynasties wore horse-faced skirts to go to court and go shopping. Christian Dior was still looking for his parents at Naihe Bridge. Even after the Qing Dynasty ended, he was only 7 years old.   The Chinese Hanfu horse-face skirt is selling like hotcakes - Image 2 Just when everyone couldn't understand why Dior made such a stupid mistake, netizens carefully searched the past and present life of this Dior skirt, and unexpectedly met an "old friend". This Dior skirt is made by a Korean designer and is sold at the Dior store in Seoul, South Korea. Officials shamelessly claim that this store combines French and Korean culture.   The Chinese Hanfu horse-face skirt is selling like hotcakes - Image 3 Korean culture? You didn’t tell me earlier! It's all a misunderstanding. We in China have experienced Korean culture deeply in the "Hanfu Controversy" and the "Dragon Boat Festival Application for World Heritage". As soon as this incident came out, the entire Internet boycotted Dior, and some international students went to Dior offline stores to protest. Dior's new models were forced to be removed from the official website in mainland China. At that time, some people were sober and said that it would not last long, and the Chinese would go back to patronize Dior every once in a while. Perhaps Dior thinks so too, so even though it is in the whirlpool of public opinion, it only removes products from its official website in mainland China, and sells them normally in Hong Kong and overseas without any impact. As a result, the Chinese people used "money to force action" to make the sober people open their eyes.Take a good look and see how the Chinese use horse-face skirts to sweep Dior out of the Chinese market. First, actress Xu Jiao wore a horse-face dress and walked around the red carpet of the Golden Rooster Awards. Before the live event photos were released, the price of Xu Jiao's horse-face dress was completely priced out.   The Chinese Hanfu horse-face skirt is selling like hotcakes - Image 4 ● Pictures