Hanfu horse-face skirts highlight the charm of traditional culture

Hanfu horse-face skirts highlight the charm of traditional culture

According to The Paper, during the Spring Festival this year, Hanfu not only appeared on the CCTV Spring Festival Gala, but also entered ordinary streets. Some places even launched a "free subway ride with Hanfu" campaign. Big data from multiple e-commerce platforms shows that since the beginning of this year, searches for Hanfu have skyrocketed, and horse-faced skirts have become the most popular item in the Hanfu category. The horse-faced skirt once became the "New Year's jersey", triggering a wave of traditional cultural consumption.

How popular is the horse-faced skirt? In Caoxian County, Shandong, a Hanfu distribution center, sales of Dragon Year clothing, mainly horse-faced skirts, have exceeded 300 million yuan. People can be seen wearing horse-faced skirts in cultural evening parties and temple fair performances at tourist attractions in Luoyang, Henan, and Quanzhou, Fujian.

As one of the representatives of traditional Chinese clothing, the horse-faced skirt has taken on new vitality in modern society and has become a commercial phenomenon. This not only shows the charm of traditional culture, but also highlights its infinite possibilities in modern society. Behind the popularity of horse-faced skirts, there is credit for commercial promotion, but it also stems from people’s love and pursuit of traditional culture.

The history of the horse-faced skirt can be traced back to the Song Dynasty, and has gone through hundreds of years of accumulation and inheritance. Today, it has once again become the focus of fashion and is highly favored. It is the interpretation of the charm of traditional culture.

In recent years, traditional culture has continued to heat up. Whether they are wearing traditional ethnic costumes to take photos and check in at popular scenic spots, temple fairs and lantern festivals, or walking into museums to experience the culture and wisdom contained in historical relics, more and more people are feeling the timeless charm of the Chinese traditional culture. "These phenomena all reflect the return of traditional culture and the improvement of people's cognitive ability towards traditional culture."

The horse-faced skirt not only carries historical memory, but also conforms to modern aesthetics, and has both cultural heritage and aesthetic innovation. This reminds us to actively and deeply explore the connotation and value of traditional culture, combine it with modern aesthetics, and create more national fashion products with cultural characteristics.

There is much more that can be done to transform nationally trendy products, including horse-faced skirts, from "hot hits" to "long-lasting hits." First of all, it is necessary to deeply explore traditional culture, tell traditional stories well, and use national fashion products as a carrier to stimulate more people's interest and cognitive needs in history and culture. Secondly, we must actively promote the combination of traditional culture and modern design, keep pace with the times and create more cultural products that meet modern aesthetic needs. In addition, we need to be inclusive, with less scrutiny and more tolerance for phenomena such as "Hanfu taking to the streets".