How Can Ordinary People Wear Hanfu

How Can Ordinary People Wear Hanfu

In terms of dressing, women will mainly match their styles. Some people like the simplicity of Japanese style, while others like the temperament of Korean style, the allure of European and American styles, etc. Each country will have its own representative style. Wearing styles can interpret different beauties.

Our country also has a corresponding style, but many people limit the "Chinese style" and think that there is only cheongsam, and cheongsam has relatively high requirements for body shape.

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In fact, the "new national style" that is popular nowadays includes not only cheongsam, but also many improved versions of clothes. Hanfu, cheongsam and other clothes that represent the image of our country are integrated into modern fashion elements, and the cuts and styles have been changed. It is not very difficult to control, and there are no strict requirements on your body shape.

"New Chinese style" is so popular, how can ordinary people wear it? 4 matching tips to make your outfit look elegant and high-end!

Why is the new national style popular?

In the past two years, many people have worn items with Chinese style elements on the streets and integrated them into their daily lives. Why is the new Chinese style so popular? Because there are many classical elements in it, combined with modern techniques, it is very beautiful.

1. Incorporate unique and novel Chinese classical elements

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The most beautiful thing about Chinese style, and what people are most familiar with, is the unique classical elements of our country, such as ink paintings or landscapes, flowers and birds, etc., which represent a kind of artistic conception and set off a kind ofSense of atmosphere. When these elements are cleverly applied to clothing, elegance and classicism coexist, especially the use of embroidery, which will become very unique.

2. Represents cultural heritage, graceful and advanced

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The reason why national-style clothing is so popular is not only due to our patriotic feelings, but also because its design is more unique, the cut is three-dimensional and comfortable, and it also fits very accurately, with a certain sense of lines, without giving people an impression. A sense of restraint, showing a free and easy attitude.

It not only shows the national style fashion on the catwalk, but also reflects the elegance and grandeur of the new national style in daily life.

"New Chinese style" dressing tips

Tip 1: Incorporate fashion elements, not exaggerated and more modern

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The new national style is based on the national style, which has been improved to a certain extent and combined with modern fashion. For women, if they want to wear the new national style in daily life, the best way is to integrate modern style Fashion elements are close to daily matching, have a certain modification effect, and can show cultural heritage.

For example: national style items with puff sleeve design

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Nowadays, many cheongsams have been improved, with certain designs that will increase the sense of fashion and give them a more noble temperament than the traditional cheongsam we know.

Moreover, the design with puff sleeves incorporates the more popular retro style this year, which will not destroy the taste of cheongsam, and can well modify the figure. At the same time, it combines modern fashion elements to become more charming.

Tip 2: The length of the new national style must be well controlled

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Most of the matching styles of the new national style are based on skirts, especially cheongsam. The improved cheongsam has a very modern flavor and does not have excessive requirements on women's figures, but the length of the cheongsam must be chosen well.

There may be many sisters who like short cheongsams, but they must not be shorter than the root of the thighs, otherwise they will have a windy feel when worn.

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If your height allows, you can choose a long cheongsam with a slit design, which can show off the advantages of your figure without being too grand.

It may not be suitable for small people, so when choosing a short cheongsam, it is recommended that you pair it with boots or the length can reach about three centimeters to the knee. It is easy and comfortable, and there will be no pressure when wearing it.

Tip 3: Use accessories to create a waistline with a more modern feel

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I believe that the traditional cheongsam that many sisters see has a waist-cinching design, and every design on the body is very precise. However, not everyone has a perfect figure, so the improved version of cheongsam has a waistband. It has a loose and appropriate design, but it can easily look sloppy.

In order to show the combination of beauty and fashion of modern cheongsam, it would be very good to choose a belt as an accent and to show the waistline at the same time.

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Combining traditional cheongsam and belt has a certain degree of tightness, looks high-end, and has a sense of linkage. Wearing two different styles of items together will not delay at all, and it will be more fashionable and beautiful.

For example: white belted top

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Nowadays, there are many cheongsam styles. The tops are designed with a relatively unique belt. This girdle style is also a kind of belt. It is relatively wide and can better show off the good figure and make it easy. It has the feeling of a small waist, and also uses Chinese style to highlight the style of a hot girl.

Tip 4: Simplify the complex and avoid the accumulation of elements

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The improved new national style items do not throw away the original taste, retaining some more classic design elements, and then combine them with modern fashion elements to modify the figure and overall style without losing the traditional and modern fashion. There is a connection.

However, when choosing a style, be careful not to accumulate colors or fashion elements all over the body, and do not have more than two types, otherwise it will look a bit sloppy and lose the elegance and grandeur of the original national style.

For example: black puff sleeve cheongsam

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This black puff-sleeve cheongsam is very simple, with a puff-sleeve design. The other parts adopt a traditional design, and the prints are in bright colors and are not too diverse.The accumulation of elements is to simplify the complex and simply incorporate a fashion element, making it more advanced.

There are many classical elements in Chinese style that are very beautiful. In the past, fewer people wore them because there was no breakthrough and they could not be used daily. Nowadays, after improved versions and the integration of different matching techniques, the Chinese style has become more Beautiful, the new Chinese style can be worn more elegantly!

Okay, that’s it for today’s sharing. Follow the daily matching guide and find a more beautiful version of yourself with your outfits!

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