The traditional industries of fireworks, Hanfu, and others are undergoing a revitalization

The traditional industries of fireworks, Hanfu, and others are undergoing a revitalization

Original title: Xinhua News Agency Economic Essay: Liuyang Firecrackers and the New "County" Image of Caoxian Hanfu

Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, April 25 Title: Xinhua News Agency Economic Essay: Liuyang Firecrackers and Caoxian Hanfu The new "county" image

Xinhua News Agency reporters Han Jie and Liu Yujia

If counties and counties govern, the world will be safe. The county economy is an important force supporting the Chinese economy.

The reporter recently conducted interviews in Liuyang City, Changsha City, Hunan Province and Cao County, Heze City, Shandong Province. The two places, nearly a thousand kilometers apart in the south and north, jointly convey the novelty of endogenous changes in county economic development.

In Liuyang, the song "Liuyang River" is sung at home and abroad, and the "Liuyang Fireworks" is even more famous far and wide.

The scene at the Sky Theater on the Liuyang River is stunning: under the gaze of tens of thousands of tourists, clusters of fireworks soar into the deep night sky, and the creative fireworks show combines traditional culture and modern technology. The perfect integration shows the changes in the fireworks industry over the past millennium.

In Caoxian County, the quiet revival of Hanfu and colorful clothes has led to the local area’s rapid rise into the largest Hanfu production base in the country.

In Daji Town, Cao County, traffic is coming and going on the main road, and congestion is the norm. On both sides of the road, various enterprises such as cloth wholesale, design and R&D, computer plate making, embroidery printing, clothing processing, and online sales are gathered, demonstrating the increasingly complete local Hanfu industry chain.

Whether a county is strong or not depends on its industry. Liuyang fireworks and Caoxian Hanfu are undoubtedly representatives of traditional characteristic industries of the local county economy. How to write a good article on characteristic industries is related to the fundamentals of the county economy.

During the investigation, the reporter felt the new changes in the county’s traditional industries.

A blend of old and new, traditional industries "old trees sprouting new sprouts"——

Enter Liuyang Dayao Town International Fireworks Trade City and scan the two-dimensional graphics on the packaging of various fireworks products code, creative fireworks "bloom" on the mobile phone screen, which is eye-opening.

Today’s fireworks industry is no longer what it used to be. Continuous innovation, using safe and environmentally friendly new materials, new products, and new technologies, to promote the intelligent and personalized fireworks production; cultural empowerment, using creative fireworks shows to drive new consumption of urban cultural tourism...

Zhang Xianqian, director of Liuyang Firecrackers and Fireworks Industry Development Center, said that in 2023, the total output value of Liuyang's fireworks industry will reach 50.89 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 68.8%. Currently, there are more than 400 fireworks manufacturing companies and thousands of upstream and downstream companies in the industry chain, creating more than 300,000 jobs.

In Caoxian County, e-commerce live broadcasts have made Hanfu, wood carving, home furnishing, food and other specialty industries popular. The number of local "Taobao Towns" reaches 21, ranking first in the country; the 176 "Taobao Villages" account for 1/5 of Shandong Province; there are 7,068 e-commerce companies and 84,000 online stores.

Chao County Party Committee Secretary Zhao Fulong said that in the first quarter of this year, online retail sales in Caoxian County reached 8.19 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 42.77%. Among them, Hanfu was in short supply, and online sales reached 1.98 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 90.75%.

From a single flower to a hundred flowers blooming, the county economy shows new vitality -

Traditional industries are reborn, driving the county economy to a larger field.

Entering Liuyang Economic Development Zone, Changsha Huike Optoelectronics’ accurate quality traceability and smart warehousing were selected as the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology’s 2023 Excellent Intelligent Manufacturing Scenarios; Lens Technology’s Innovation Research Institute was selected as a major scientific and technological innovation landmark project in Changsha ; Jinyang Graphene Research Institute has teamed up with many universities to carry out basic research on graphene and R&D on core technologies for industrialization...

In recent years, through industrial transformation and upgrading, Liuyang County’s economy has transformed from the traditional fireworks industry to “outshine others”. It has developed into a good situation in which strategic emerging industries such as electronic information, biomedicine, and intelligent equipment manufacturing are in full bloom.

Similarly, Caoxian County is also accelerating the advancement of traditional industries towards digitalization, intelligence, and clustering.

Allen Metal’s new metal copper material project with an annual output of 200,000 tons, Sennics Chemical’s 225,000 tons annual hydrogenation new material industry chain integration project, Zhengdao Tire’s third-phase technical transformation project... Here is a list of hundreds of industrial projects under construction in Cao County this year, and industrial upgrading is the key word.

There is no "traditional" industry, only "solidified" thinking.

Currently, our country is accelerating the cultivation of new productive forces. For county economies where traditional industries account for a large proportion, developing new productive forces in accordance with local conditions is by no means eliminating traditional industries, but rather stimulating new vitality in the county economy by promoting the accelerated transformation and upgrading of traditional industries.

Counties are hubs, connecting cities on one end and towns on the other. Seizing new opportunities for the development of new industrialization and new urbanization, my country's county economy will surely release new impetus in cultivating and strengthening the modern industrial system and enhance confidence in future-oriented development.