Encountered 6 Diao Chan and 7 Wu Zetian Hanfu Cosplays on one street

Encountered 6 Diao Chan and 7 Wu Zetian Hanfu Cosplays on one street

As soon as the high-speed train arrives at the station, the electronic screen displays "The peonies bloom and we meet you again". Even at ten o'clock in the evening on a weekday, tourists from Luoyang Longmen Station are still arriving one after another. In the square in front of the station, the aunties of the elderly tour group each hold a peony and raise their mobile phones to take photos with the flowers.

On social media, "wearing Hanfu to enjoy flowers" has become a unique way to open up tourism in Luoyang. According to statistics from a short video platform in 2023, Luoyang ranks first among the "most popular places to check in Hanfu".

Recently, a singer improvised "I came to this street wearing Hanfu and met 6 Diao Chan and 7 Wu Zetian" during a concert in Luoyang, which is called the city's limited edition lyrics.

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Tourists in the International Peony Garden wear Hanfu and take photos.

Jiupai News noticed that in Luoyang, the lively Hanfu rental street was transformed from the "auto parts street". The night in the ancient city of Luoyi was as bright as day with the help of the photographer's fill light. . Taking "Hanfu + Ancient City" as the starting point, Luoyang is promoting the "Hanfu fever" to accelerate.

[1] The auto parts street is "renovated" and the Hanfu street is "renovated"

Walking from the street at the entrance of Luoyi Ancient City to the end of the street, it takes more than ten minutes to walk You can basically only see Hanfu shops in minutes. According to incomplete statistics from Jiupai News, there are no less than 50 Hanfu stores within one kilometer.

Headwear and various styles of Hanfu for men, women, and children are displayed in the store, and makeup artists are busy doing makeup for customers. The store clerk introduces clothes suitable for different attractions to customers.

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A Hanfu street next to the ancient city of Luoyi.

Ms. Ji, the owner of a Hanfu store, told Jiupai News that she bought the store before the National Day last year. On average, the store can rent out more than 100 sets of Hanfu every day, and it does business every Saturday and holiday. most. Previously, the store was in the tire business. Not only that, this entire street used to be an auto parts store, but it completely changed its appearance due to the "Hanfu craze".

Before, Ms. Ji was engaged in clothing wholesale business in Qingdao, Shandong. When I traveled to Xi'an with my daughter the year before last, I saw that my daughter liked Hanfu, so I spent more than 300 yuan to let her experience Hanfu rental and makeup. After discovering the business opportunity of Hanfu, he came to Luoyang to open a store.

She admitted that opening this store is much harder than doing wholesale. She said that wholesale is a morning market business, but now most people come to the ancient city to take photos at night, so they need to stay up late every day. However, she believes that experience in the clothing business gives her an aesthetic advantage.

At the end of April, she left for Caoxian County, Shandong Province to purchase a batch of goods in preparation for the upcoming May Day holiday. Jiupai News noticed that Caoxian County is China's largest performance costume production base. With many years of experience in making performance costumes, it joined the Hanfu track under the "Chinese Studies craze" and became "China's Hanfu production base." Different from the exquisite thousand-yuan Hanfu, Caoxian Hanfu is mainly low-priced, and you can buy a set for more than 100 yuan.

A few months ago, Ms. Ji inspected the market in Xi’an again. She observed that in Xi'an, which is also an ancient capital, there are more Tang suits in the Hanfu market, which have local characteristics. Because it is the provincial capital city, Xi'an has a large flow of people. She was mentally planning to open a second store near Xi'an scenic spot.

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Tourists taking photos in the ancient city of Luoyi.

【2】The business of hiring a photographer can earn thousands a day at the best time

Walking in the ancient city of Luoyi, the photographer’s fill light spot Light up the night sky.

On the stone bridge, there was a long row of "concubines" standing. Opposite them were photographers, carrying "long guns and short cannons" to take pictures for them. Lanterns, ancient walls... Any corner that can be used as a artistic background is filled with such combinations. Photographers wearing vests shuttled through the scenic area, and props such as swords, fans, and candied haws were placed on small carts.

Wang Qiang (pseudonym) told Jiupai News that he heard from friends that he received a lot of orders here last year, so he started working in this business after the Chinese New Year. Before, he studied design in school and had part-time experience helping with photo retouching in a photo studio. It was relatively easy to get into the industry.

He introduced that the service time for the photo shoot is about 45 minutes, and 30 negatives and 5 refined pictures are provided for a total of 158 yuan. Every evening, after dinner, he comes to the scenic spot. On average, he can take two or three orders, and on holidays, he can take up to five or six orders. "My family lives nearby, and I have free time to do this."

Going to school and working are all in Luoyang. He said he is unwilling to leave his hometown for the time being and is very satisfied with his current job. He said that admission to Luoyi Ancient City is free, so most people wear Hanfu to check in. He heard from friends that last year the scenic spots were very popular and there were few photographers. He could take up to about ten orders a day and earn over a thousand a day. "At that time, if you stood still, people would keep asking you to take pictures."

"Now everyone is getting more and more casual." The Hanfu store he cooperates with recently said that some photographers have reduced the price to 80 yuan a day. Order, and he is unwilling to lower the price. Out of consideration for the future, he began to publish his works on social media accounts, hoping to expand his customer base.

During the conversation, a woman wearing Hanfu came to inquire about the price and placed an order. Wang Qiang took the customer to find a spot, pulled the trolley, and the two of them blended into the night of the ancient city.

Tourists taking photos in the ancient city of Luoyi.

[3] To maintain the "Hanfu fever" phenomenon, multiple supporting factors are needed

Gao Shunli, a special researcher at the Tourism Research Center of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, said in "2023~2024 According to the book "China Tourism Development Analysis and Forecast", the reasons for the rise of Luoyang's "Hanfu craze" are partly due to the professional promotion of the cultural tourism department and the government's taking advantage of the situation.

He mentioned that Luoyang City actively implements the Provincial Party Committee’s strategy of integrating culture, tourism and creativity, focusing on “Hanfu + ancient city” as the starting point, promoting the acceleration of the “Hanfu craze”, and striving to build Luoyang into a national exporter of Hanfu culture New local and international cultural tourism destinations.

Gao Shunli also believes that this phenomenon has revitalized the cultural tourism factor market. The "Hanfu craze" obviously goes beyond the business of renting clothes, and is different from buying clothes and taking them away. Instead, after renting clothes, it has derived a series of one-on-one services.This brings many elements of the cultural tourism industry to life. The first is the processing and production of clothing, as well as the rental of rental shops; the second is the dressing and makeup services, and then the tracking and lighting, photography, and photo editing services (some are not required); the third is the consumption of tourists at several "check-in points", including Traveling, watching theater, shopping, tasting delicious food, etc.; and finally, cleaning and ironing after returning the clothes.

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Tourists taking photos in the ancient city of Luoyi.

How long can the neoclassical "Hanfu craze" last? Can it continue forever? He said that tourists are forced to wear a certain style of clothing in an overwhelming number, just like masquerades and costume parades, and some even wear them for more than one day. To maintain this phenomenon, certain supporting factors must be needed. Once a certain factor is missing, It is very likely that it will be unsustainable and gradually turn downhill.

Therefore, it is recommended to turn the "Internet celebrity" phenomenon into the most sustainable market effect as much as possible, and strive to explore tourist sources covering all age groups.

Source: Jiupai News