JD Releases Observation of Hanfu Consumption Trends Among Post-00s Generation

JD Releases Observation of Hanfu Consumption Trends Among Post-00s Generation

Beijing News Shell Finance News (Reporter Cheng Zijiao) On April 30, according to the "Post-00s Travel Consumption Observation" released by the JD Consumer and Industrial Development Research Institute, since this year, selfie artifacts, Polaroids, and Hanfu are the Hot-selling products that the post-00s generation are keen to consume. Among them, the number of post-00s consumers buying selfie gadgets and polaroid products has increased by more than 50% year-on-year, and the number of post-00s consumers buying Hanfu has increased by more than 140%.

"Observation" shows that among photography and video products, mirrorless cameras, action cameras, printing services, instant photos and lenses are the products with the most impressive year-on-year growth in the number of users born after 2000. The growth rate is All reached more than 50%. Judging from the concerns of post-00s consumers when purchasing products, when purchasing mirrorless cameras, they will mainly focus on the functions and effects of autofocus, video shooting, high-speed continuous shooting, etc. When purchasing instant cameras, they will focus on Focus more on the application scenarios of products such as imaging once, anytime and anywhere, and recording beautiful things.

In addition, in the digital accessories category, digital stands, energy storage/outdoor power supplies, carbon batteries, adapter rings, filters, hoods, camera films, flashes / handles and other products that can enhance the experience and effect of photography and videography are also favored by post-00s consumers. The number of shopping users increased by 251%, 212%, 134%, 131%, 75%, 73%, and 62% respectively year-on-year. and 60%.

According to a survey, the three things that post-00s prefer to do with their mobile phones for a long time are taking photos/beautiful pictures, making vlogs and watching videos/following TV series. Among them, 73% % of the respondents chose to take photos/beautiful pictures, and the proportion of choosing to vlog also reached 60%. "Observation" shows that among the post-00s consumer group since this year, the number of users shopping for selfie gadgets has increased by more than 50% year-on-year, making it the mobile phone accessory product with the most eye-catching growth. These selfie gadgets not only have practical functions such as high-definition cameras and smart beauty, but can also be operated conveniently through Bluetooth remote control, gesture recognition, etc., allowing post-00s generation to easily take satisfying photos. Among them, 360-degree rotation, Bluetooth remote control and portability are the functional selling points that consumers pay most attention to when purchasing a selfie device.

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