Chinese Courtyard Holiday: Special Hanfu Experience

Chinese Courtyard Holiday: Special Hanfu Experience

Peninsula All Media Reporter Liu Hong

The May Day holiday is coming to an end, and the first spring garden party of China Garden is also gradually coming to an end. During the five-day holiday, there was an endless stream of visitors to the courtyard, and special experience projects such as Song Dynasty tea ordering, intangible cultural heritage lacquer fans, Hanfu experience, and national style market were also very popular.

Chinese Courtyard Holiday: Special Hanfu Experience - Image 1 Imitation of Song Dynasty tea ordering and tea culture products

During the May Day period, China Garden invited tea art masters, teachers and students of Qingdao Tourism College to set up tables, tea sets and flowers in the courtyard, and performed Song Dynasty tea ordering and tea rituals for the visitors. The show also teaches visitors how to make their own cup of tea.

Chinese Courtyard Holiday: Special Hanfu Experience - Image 2 The intangible cultural heritage lacquer fan undergoes countless changes instantly

Various colors float on the water, and with the brush gently undulating, the fan sways or rotates, and when it emerges from the water, various patterns appear. The magic of lacquer fans is that no one can make two fans with the same color and texture. It is precisely because of this that tourists are attracted to make one after another. Gorgeous, elegant, simple, calm...all kinds of styles, attracting friends of all ages, men, women and children.

Chinese Courtyard Holiday: Special Hanfu Experience - Image 3 Experience Hanfu and wander around the Jiangnan Garden

When you come to the Chinese courtyard that was originally demolished and built, it is so antique and perfect for taking a set of Hanfu photos. For this reason, China Courtyard also has a Hanfu experience project during the May Day period, with a one-stop service of clothing, styling, and makeup, and many choices such as Warring States robes and Song Dynasty costumes. Put on Hanfu and wander around the courtyard for an immersive and in-depth experience.

Chinese Courtyard Holiday: Special Hanfu Experience - Image 4 The special performance combines cultural heritage and modern experience

During the May Day period, Bie Shujun, a Mao opera actor and a leading young figure of Mao opera, appeared in the Chinese courtyard, wearing pink clothes and a beaded headdress, walking around the waterside pavilions and stages, bringing a An audio-visual feast. At the scene, the children who were studying were attracted by the majestic accents of traditional Chinese drama, and gathered around Bie Shujun to ask questions and take photos.

In addition to traditional opera performances, the courtyard also invited a local Qingdao band, the Xingjue Band, to sing for tourists on the lakeside. The warm sunshine in spring, the green grass, and the gentle breeze bring warmth to the lakeshore. Visitors stopped to listen to the lakeside, the band's moving singing, and the sounds of spring.

Walking in the yard, savoring spring and feeling the charm of ancient spring. Throughout May, various experience projects in China Garden will be operated on a regular basis, and you are welcome to come and experience them at any time.

If you have team building, study and other projects, you are welcome to cooperate. China Yard will customize a unique team garden experience for you. Please consult Manager Li for details.

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