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[Global Network Report Trainee Reporter Li Ziyu] "Russia Today" (RT) reported on May 6 that according to the Ukrainian State Border Guard's announcement on the social media platform In a statement and video, the agency captured a man trying to illegally cross the border into Romania. The man dressed up in Hanfu and used his family's passport in an attempt to get through.

A Ukrainian man disguised himself as a Chinese man and tried to illegally cross the border into Romania. Picture from the social media platform account of the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine

Reports said that the 44-year-old man showed his sister’s (or elder sister’s) passport at a checkpoint in Zakarpattia Oblast in western Ukraine. The man wore a skirt, bow, makeup and a wig. Border guards said the man's disguise was immediately blown as he approached the border control area. The case will be heard by the court.

It was reported that the spokesperson of the Ukrainian State Border Guard Service said on the 5th that due to Ukraine’s increased recruitment and mobilization efforts, the Ukrainian authorities prevented more than 100 people from leaving the country every day.

RT stated that shortly after Russia launched a special military operation against Ukraine in February 2022, Ukraine officially announced a nationwide military mobilization. Under Ukrainian law, men aged 18 to 60 who do not meet the exceptions are not allowed to leave the country because they may be drafted into the army. In addition, under the newly revised law signed by Ukrainian President Zelensky last month, the male enlistment age has been lowered from 27 to 25, and all Ukrainians must now update their personal data to the local military department.

According to RT's previous report, Russian Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu said last Friday that the Ukrainian army's losses since the beginning of this year have exceeded 111,000. In April this year, Shoigu estimated that since the Russian-Ukrainian conflict broke out in February 2022, Ukraine has suffered nearly 500,000 casualties. Shoigu also said that due to the high casualties, Kiev increased its mobilization efforts. He said Ukrainians who did not want to join the war were "being pushed to the front lines" and were "certain to die."

According to previous reports, the Verkhovna Rada (parliament) of Ukraine announced on its official website on April 16 that Ukrainian President ZelenSki signed a decree on strengthening military service, mobilization and military registration legislation that day. RT reports that the legislation introduces tough new conscription rules, including new penalties for evading military service. These measures were taken as Ukraine suffered heavy losses in the ongoing conflict between Russia and Ukraine. RT reported that Zelensky claimed in February that 31,000 Ukrainian soldiers were killed in the two-year conflict between Russia and Ukraine. According to the Washington Post, Zelensky "significantly downplayed" the true numbers to avoid disrupting an already struggling military recruitment drive. In December 2023, Zelensky said that the military had asked him to add 500,000 troops.