the chinese clothing, hanfu revival movement, male hanfu

the chinese clothing, hanfu revival movement, male hanfu


On the occasion of Mother's Day on May 12, a special Hanfu catwalk event was held at Hengyue Rongxin Plaza, Caolu Town. As a series of "Neighbors and Friends" parent-child charity activities, it built a platform for neighborhood communication and enhanced Parent-child relationship and building a harmonious community.


It is reported that the "Neighbors and Friends" parent-child charity series of activities were planned and organized by Shanghai Tengran Culture Co., Ltd. in 2022 and have been successful so far 10 games were held to promote a friendly and friendly civilized environment among neighbors, build a friendly communication platform for neighbors, and promote family harmony.

The event attracted nearly 70 groups of parent-child families and about 170 people from Caolu Town and surrounding streets and towns. . The atmosphere at the scene was intense. Everyone was dressed in Hanfu, showing the beauty of Chinese clothing and feeling the charm of Chinese culture. Hanfu catwalks, flying flower orders, parades, ancient poetry recitations, singing and dancing...a series of wonderful performances are fascinating and show the endless charm of Chinese traditional costume culture.

The performances performed by the children are admirable: "Although they are not old, their skills are not shallow." On Mother's Day, the children used heartwarming programs to express their gratitude to their mothers for their selfless love. The song "Youzi Ming" expresses the greatness of maternal love, and the song "Listen to me to say thank you" expresses the inner love for my mother.

Zhu Junlei, a child who participated in the activity, said: "I really like today's activity. I can meet many new friends and recite ancient poems on the stage. It feels great." Become more confident and brave, and also expressed Mother’s Day greetings to my mother. "Many mothers said that their children's confident laughter on the stage is the best gift to themselves.

It is reported that this event It aims to promote the relationship between parents and children, inherit the traditional virtues of the Chinese nation, promote traditional Chinese culture, and at the same time cultivate children's gratitude and build strong self-confidence.

Text: Zhang Lei

Editor: Ni Na

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