chinese clothing in the 1800s, kedai jual baju hanfu, hanfu tang suit

chinese clothing in the 1800s, kedai jual baju hanfu, hanfu tang suit

The song "Promise" made Guo Youcai, a young man from Heze, Shandong Province, popular. He led a city on fire by himself. Also becoming popular is Heze South Railway Station, which many locals have never heard of, which has also made more people aware of Heze, the "Peony Capital of China". A reporter from Upstream News (email noticed that starting from April, to this year’s May Day holiday, and now to Guo Youcai, Heze has seized the opportunity many times, peony hairpins, Caoxian Hanfu... let the Internet Traffic has become the “retention” of Heze Cultural Tourism.

Heze South Railway Station

In fact, it has never been abandoned

On May 20, Heze citizen Ni The lady told the upstream news reporter that she was Guo Youcai’s first fan at Heze South Station. When Guo Youcai was not popular yet, she used to dance behind Guo Youcai to his songs.

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Guo Youcai broadcast live at Heze South Station. According to Heze Newspaper All Media

"Meeting Guo Youcai was also by chance. I have watched his 'Heze Step' before. I saw it live at the South Railway Station on April 18. Because it is close to home, I watch it every day. I went to listen to him for a while and occasionally took some videos of him. His popularity started to rise on May 9. "Ms. Wu, a citizen of Heze, said that Guo Youcai had previously broadcast live in front of many prosperous shopping malls in Heze, but he finally chose the one that was not popular because the passenger transport business had been suspended. Unexpectedly, he became famous here at the popular Heze South Railway Station.

Upstream news reporters learned from the Heze Transportation Department that the Heze South Station, built in 1978, is a fourth-class station on the Xinxiang-Yanzhou railway line. It had a small amount of passenger traffic in the early years. . Visitors to Heze can depart from here to go to Henan or Yanzhou. This place has witnessed countless young people embarking on their journey to study and work. As the expressway network developed and the Heze Station on the Beijing-Kowloon Railway became more and more accessible, there were fewer and fewer passengers at Heze South Station, and the passenger service was subsequently stopped.

In Guo Youcai’s live broadcast, the Heze South Station under the retro filter was full of age. Many netizens thought that Heze South Station was abandoned, but the reporter learned that although the Heze South Station is no longer open to tourists, , but still undertakes the work of receiving and dispatching trains, and must provide technical services and guarantees for the safe and smooth operation of the lines where they are located.. The functional positioning of the station determines that the station will not be abandoned, and there are currently fixed staff on duty. Because the Heze South Railway Station Square receives a large influx of listeners every day to listen to Guo Youcai's singing, the relevant local departments in Heze have also urgently repaired surrounding roads and improved the square's supporting facilities.

At 8 pm on May 15, the station lights of "Heze South Station" were lit again. Some netizens also speculated whether Heze South Station would reopen to welcome passengers? The reporter learned that there are currently not many regular-speed passenger trains on the Xinyan Railway, and the destinations that can be reached are very limited. In addition, Heze Station is only a few kilometers away from Heze South Station, so it is neither necessary nor qualified to restart passenger transportation.

National Flower Expo Park

Guo Youcai’s next stop?

On May 16, Guo Youcai was hired by the Heze Municipal Culture and Tourism Bureau as the Heze Cultural Tourism Recommendation Officer. In the video, Guo Youcai said: "Thank you Heze Cultural Tourism for supporting Youcai. I feel very happy and honored to be hired as the cultural tourism recommendation officer of Heze City today. Thank you to my hometown, Heze, for your support, care and love. Care, concern.”

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There is a "hairpin man" on site who delivers free water.

In the past few days, the square in front of the Heze South Station has not only been crowded with tourists, but also network anchors from all over the country have come to work early. While performing their talents, they also introduced the Heze South Station from time to time. , answering topics about Heze from netizens across the country, and many network anchors transformed into "Heze Encyclopedia" to promote Heze more deeply across the country.

Local media reporters saw online live broadcasts at more than 100 places in the square in front of Heze South Station, including "Heze South Station", "Heze Tour", "Heze Peony and Peony", "Heze Caoxian Hanfu", "Chongke", etc. Words and topics are scrolling on the message boards of many live broadcast rooms, sparking waves of discussions from time to time. Because there is a spring college entrance examination center at Heze South Station, Guo Youcai moved his live broadcast venue from Heze South Station to the National Flower Expo Park from May 17th to 19th. This change allowed the National Flower Expo Park to attract a large number of people, and the flow of people continued to surge. It continued the high popularity Guo Youcai accumulated at Heze South Station, and also made the Heze National Flower Expo Park and its surrounding areas a popular check-in place.

Upstream news reporters learned that on the 18th, Guo Youcai’s Douyin fansThe number of viewers exceeded 8.6 million, the number of viewers in the live broadcast room was 52.385 million, and the total number of likes exceeded 310 million, breaking a new popularity record. On the morning of the 19th, the number of people online quickly exceeded 1.3 million. And under the watchful eyes of thousands of spectators, Guo Youcai’s Douyin fans also successfully exceeded 10 million at 12:25 noon. Although the flowering period has passed, according to local media reports, the live broadcast activities and influence of Internet celebrities such as Guo Youcai have attracted many tourists to come to view peonies and other flowers and experience Heze's floral culture and local characteristics. At the National Flower Expo Park, many Heze people came to work as volunteers to provide consulting services to tourists; Heze Cultural Tourism actively distributed Heze Cultural Tourism brochures and hand-drawn maps to foreign anchors and tourists, and introduced Heze’s "food, accommodation, travel, "Shopping, Entertainment" and other cultural tourism formats; banners with free drinking water, free meals, free accommodation, free fruits and peony flowers can be seen everywhere on the site...

Hairpin flowers + Hanfu

Go to Oita for Heze Cultural Tourism

After Guo Youcai became famous, local volunteers followed up one after another, from 8 am to evening every day, Not only does it provide free mobile phone charging, road guidance and other services to foreign tourists, it even delivers Heze’s specialty peony on site. At the scene, there was also a "hairpin man" who gave away free water.

Hairpin flowers + Hanfu, a landscape in Heze. According to Qilu Evening News

It is reported that Heze, the "Peony Capital of China", has held five consecutive World Peony Conferences and the 32nd International Peony Cultural Tourism Festival. The peony hairpins worth 10 yuan are actually real flowers. Hot search. In local scenic spots such as Caozhou Peony Garden, Chinese Peony Garden, Caozhou Hundred Gardens, and Ancient and Modern Peony Gardens, cultural tourism products and services integrating hairpins, makeup, Hanfu, and photography have been formed. Previously, the director of Heze Culture and Tourism sent flowers to the high-speed rail station, the director of Juye's publicity department sent cans of soup, the Heze traffic police warmly guaranteed traffic, and non-local vehicles were not punished for violating regulations; peony elements can be seen everywhere, citizens voluntarily organized flowers to be sent at the entrance of scenic spots, and some hotels were sent to other places. Hot news such as discounts on meals for tourists and free transportation are sweeping the internet.

This round of Guo Youcai’s traffic has added fuel to the tourism craze in Heze. On the afternoon of May 19th, 2024 "5·19 China Tourism Day""The Heze branch venue has also released the top ten internet celebrity check-in places, specially recommended check-in places and high-quality check-in routes of the "Fantasy Heze Roaming Plan". The old city Caozhou, Wanfu River Wetland Landscape Zone, Gefuli, Heze South Station and other check-in places are on the list. .

Upstream News Reporter Tang Hao