what clothing is worn on chinese new year, hanfu graduation, newmoondance hanfu

what clothing is worn on chinese new year, hanfu graduation, newmoondance hanfu

Regardless of education, height, age, work experience, or appearance, you can become a "model" by just paying money. Behind this seemingly glamorous coat, there are a series of traps hidden behind it. On May 15, reporters learned from the Liujiaoting Police Station in Qiaokou District, Wuhan City that the police had busted a fraud gang that used false contracts, words and other fraud methods to deceive more than a hundred people under the guise of recruiting models.

Recruitment information for the "model agency" on a certain website. Photo provided by correspondent Wang Hui

The "interviewer" suggested that there are more opportunities to pay to apply for a card

On February 27, 31-year-old Ms. Wang was recruiting at a certain When I was applying for a job on the website, I saw an advertisement for part-time "models" with an average monthly salary of 12,000 yuan. After communicating online, the other party claimed that his "company" was located in an office building studio on Wusheng Road. On March 1, she was moved and came to apply for the job as promised. After the "interviewer" in charge of the reception met, he praised Ms. Wang's good conditions and suggested that she apply for a "mock card" because the "mock card" is a photo taken by the "professional team" for the applicant and is mainly used for application and promotion. You can get more photo opportunities by using the "mock card". At the other party's instigation, Ms. Wang spent 4,480 yuan to apply for four "mock cards." After taking the "mock card", the "interviewer" told her that a part-time job would be arranged in two days, and Ms. Wang believed it.

On March 3, the "company" arranged a promotional photo of a handbag for Ms. Wang and paid her 288 yuan for the photo shoot. The relevant person in charge of the "company" told her that the cost of becoming a "model" contracted by the "company" has been upgraded to 880 yuan per session, and she can shoot multiple groups a day, but she needs to pay a "contract signing fee" of 19,800 yuan. Under the deception of the other party, Ms. Wang paid a "signing fee" of 19,800 yuan to become a "signed model." However, the other party took away Ms. Wang's contract on the grounds that the contract needed to be submitted to the Market Supervision Bureau for filing. After paying the money and returning empty-handed, Ms. Wang waited at home for two days. The more she thought about it, the more something went wrong. The "signed contract" was taken away, charges were not invoiced, the photo-taking process was sloppy, and the staff could not introduce which Taobao customers to cooperate with.

Police in disguise discovered something fishy

On March 5, the more I thought about it, the more something was wrong.Ms. Wang came to the Liujiaoting Police Station in Qiaokou District for consultation and help. Chen Qian, the police officer at reception, suspected that there was a fraud gang hidden behind the "company". The case handling team of Liujiaoting Police Station of Qiaokou Public Security Bureau received clues and launched an investigation and found that many similar police incidents had occurred recently.

On March 8, Chen Qian visited the company and found that although the company is not large, it has a dressing room, a photography room, an interview room, various cosmetics, and photography equipment. There are eight employees in the company, and there are five or six citizens who came to apply for models. In addition, Chen Qian also discovered that every interviewer would be taken out by the "interviewer" to take the elevator after the interview, and they were not allowed to communicate with others.

After careful investigation by the police, a fraud gang with online recruitment, offline interviews and clear division of labor emerged. The criminal gang used online recruitment advertisements and professional language to deceive the applicants into the "company", and then used the guise of taking photos, applying for "mock cards" and signing models as a guise to charge the applicants a few hundred to tens of thousands of yuan. Waiting costs. After receiving the money, the suspect will generally not take the initiative to contact the victim. Unless the victim contacts him frequently, he will pretend to introduce a job. The so-called job is to take a few photos in a simple studio with cheap clothes and hats purchased by the suspect himself.

In order to defraud money, each applicant was touted as a model

After many days of investigation and evidence collection, police officers Chen Qian, Cheng Qian and Wang Xiu Xiang closed the net on March 11 and arrested 8 suspects. Currently, 5 people have been criminally detained in accordance with the law.

After being captured, the suspect confessed that the applicants, regardless of their gender, age or appearance, believed that they were suitable to be models under the words of the "interviewer". According to Chen Qian, the police officer handling the case, more than 90% of the victims in the case were women. Under the suspect's eloquent words, they paid money to apply for "mock cards" or sign contracts. After police investigation, it was found that the company was for illegal possession and had no willingness and ability to actually perform the contract, and all the defrauded funds flowed into the suspect's personal account. In just one month after its establishment, the group's company's "turnover" reached more than 400,000 yuan.

In the near future, the Liujiaoting Police Station in Qiaokou District will refund the first phase of defrauded money to more than 30 people who have reported the case, totaling about more than 100,000 yuan.

(Changjiang Daily reporter Zhang Yi, correspondent Wang Hui)

[Source: Changjiang Daily]

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