chinese clothing size chart, hanfu drawing, japanese kimono vs chinese hanfu

chinese clothing size chart, hanfu drawing, japanese kimono vs chinese hanfu


"I like history and like to follow the footsteps of historical figures to measure a city." Luoyang's peonies are blooming just in time, and travel expert Sangsang wears a Tang Dynasty dress The costumes transform into the ladies with hairpins in ancient paintings and blend into this thousand-year-old capital.

Luoyang Ancient Tomb Museum, the performance of "Looking for the Luo Shen Fu", Luoyang Chinese National Garden, the night view of Tiantang Mingtang... During the two-day trip to Luoyang, what impressed Sangsang the most was the onlookers. “For this Hanfu trip, I originally wanted the effect to blend into the scenery, like a painting. But what’s interesting is that on the day of the photo shoot, many tourists clicked the shutter on me, and I became part of the scenery. ”

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Wearing Hanfu to visit scenic spots is popular among young people. Photo provided by Sangsang

When you look at the scenery, the people looking at the scenery are also looking at you. This may be the special charm of Hanfu travel. Growing up in Jiangnan, majoring in Chinese language and literature, Sangsang has a special attachment to history and culture, and hopes to promote culture through Hanfu travel.

“Luoyang is more suitable for the restored Tang style, Nanjing is suitable for the Ming Dynasty, Hangzhou is suitable for the Song Dynasty, and Dunhuang is suitable for shooting Feitian...” When it comes to Hanfu travel, Sangsang has a lot of experience to share. As early as 2019, she wore traditional costumes from Tang, Song, Ming and other dynasties from time to time, leaving her footprints in Nanjing, Jiaxing, Suzhou and other places.

Sang Sang said: "At first, the studio style and the fairy style were relatively popular, and the shape of the clothes was not rigorous enough. But in the past two years, people have become more and more demanding on makeup, and Hanfu travel has also become more and more popular. Gradually becoming more popular. A few years ago, traveling in Hanfu was still a new thing, but now tourists are very accustomed to seeing people wearing Hanfu on the road. For example, girls wearing horse-faced skirts are often seen in life, and it has gradually integrated into us. Daily life. ”

However, sometimes, the wide-sleeved long skirt of Hanfu can also bring a little trouble to the journey, such as often not being able to find a suitable match when taking photos. Sang Sang suggested that the scenic spot can set up more check-in points and check-in props suitable for wearing Hanfu, such as interactive street signs, tea sets, guqin, etc. It can also hold national style fairs or set up interactive links such as giving fans and sachets on-site to let lovers Tourists wearing Hanfu will have more funinterest.

Every time he goes to a place, Sangsang hopes to experience the local history and culture in depth, such as checking out the museums and ancient buildings there. Sometimes she would also travel to a city for an exhibition. In September last year, the Gansu Provincial Museum opened a special exhibition on Gandhara art, and she went to Lanzhou to check in and see the exhibition. "I'm going to Ningxia and Gansu soon. I'll go to Yinchuan, Lanzhou and Dunhuang first, and then turn back and go to Zhangye and Wuwei. The Xixia royal tombs, Helan Mountain rock paintings, Ningxia Museum, Bingling Temple Grottoes and Mogao Grottoes are all on this trip. Itinerary planning."

As a travel expert with more than 3 million fans, Sangsang has always maintained a love and yearning for travel. Why do you love traveling so much? She said: "During the journey, this feeling will arise spontaneously: I feel that I am free, and there is emptiness around me, as if I have arrived in the world in Shelley's poems. At this moment, everything can be thrown away, only Freedom is the most important.” (Author: China Tourism News reporter Song Yuqiu; Editor: Song Yuqiu)