antique chinese clothing, hanfu images, japan hanfu

antique chinese clothing, hanfu images, japan hanfu

China News Service, Jinan, May 11th: National style outfits are popular during the graduation season of Chinese universities

China News Service reporter Zhao Xiao

Wearing a hairpin bachelor's hat, Wear embroidered patterns on your shoulders and walk around the campus. The Hanfu skirt hidden under the dark academic uniform is looming, smart and elegant... Nowadays, the mix and match of national style clothing and academic uniform is popular in the graduation season of Chinese universities, capturing the hearts of "Generation Z" " represents the hearts of young people.

"I grafted the Hanfu makeup and hairpin production I learned in school onto the bachelor's uniform, and planned to take a group of Hanfu photos to make graduation more ceremonial." "Post-00s" Liu Qingge She is the president of the Hanfu Club of Shandong Women's University, and is currently designing her own graduation costumes.

In her opinion, accessories such as Hanfu and hairpins all reflect the aesthetics and wisdom of ancient Chinese people. "What we wear is not just a piece of clothing, but also culture. Wearing Hanfu is the best way to inherit and protect it."

antique chinese clothing, hanfu images, japan hanfu - Image 1 In May 2023, Liu Qingge took a photo wearing a robe from the Qin and Han Dynasties. (File picture, photo provided by interviewee)

The 24-year-old Jiang Yi is also a "loyal fan" of Chinese style clothing. She told reporters that she was about to graduate with a master's degree. She recently planned to buy a simple and elegant cheongsam with cloud shoulders, take a group of "Republic of China style" graduation photos with her classmates, and also made intangible cultural heritage velvet flowers to decorate her bachelor's cap.

“We plan to imitate female intellectuals during the Republic of China, and feel that their outfits are gentle and intellectual.” Jiang Yi said that graduation means completing an important stage in life, and taking “Republic of China style” photos is not only a A kind of commemoration, but also an expression of expectations for oneself.

On social media, many Chinese students studying abroad also posted “national-style graduation outfits” and dubbed them “Chinese princess graduation photos.” "I specially selected a horse-faced skirt with a combination of embroidery and bronzing. I wanted to show off a bit more of the beauty of Chinese clothing in a foreign country. I would be constantly stared at when walking on the road and feel the attraction of traditional culture." Recently graduated from Japan's Waseda University. Chinese international student Pan Pan (pseudonym) wrote in the caption when sharing her graduation photos.

Chinese-style outfits are popular during the graduation season, and also include clothing and accessories such as Hanfu, cloud shoulders, and hairpins. The hot search list of an e-commerce platform shows that "the Chinese style bachelor's uniform with cloud shoulders" and "the bachelor's uniform with a horse inside"Topics such as "face skirt" and "bachelor's uniform with Chinese-style fan" have become very popular, and the number of searches for "hairpin bachelor's hat" once exceeded 7.6 million times.

In Cao County, Heze, China's main production and sales base for Hanfu, merchants are We are rushing to make orders to meet the aspirations of graduates from all over the world for "clouds and clothes, flowers and faces"

"Currently, we have received a relatively large number of orders for Yunjian. Products with elegant and elegant styles and traditional Chinese patterns such as auspicious clouds and flowers have higher sales. "Yao Chixing, general manager of Caoxian Luoruyan Hanfu Company, said that in the Ming Dynasty, it was very common to wear robes, cloud shoulders, and horse-faced skirts. Contemporary young people replace robes with bachelor's uniforms to reproduce the elegance and ease of Ming Dynasty costumes. .

antique chinese clothing, hanfu images, japan hanfu - Image 2 In March 2024, at the Caoxian Hanfu production base, Yao Chixing (first from the right) explained the cultural elements on the horse-faced skirt to customers. (File photo) Photo by China News Service reporter Liang Ben

In an interview, Li Jie, dean of the School of Fashion at Shandong University of Arts and Crafts, believed that the national style of dressing has set off a new trend in the graduation season, not because of wind in the plains, but in Chinese fashion. The field's profound accumulation of traditional cultural inheritance and innovation. At the same time, "Generation Z" has a growing sense of identity with local culture and has given traditional clothing a sense of ritual, helping to make national fashion more popular.

Li Jie also observed that behind the craze, the development of traditional clothing such as Hanfu as an industry is still in its early stages, with problems such as uneven quality and insufficient original design capabilities. He suggested that national style clothing brands should dig deep into the connotation of traditional Chinese culture, not only highlight traditional aesthetics, but also meet the needs of modern life, improve the design and production quality of fabrics and craftsmanship, explore new expressions of traditional culture, and make products stand the test of time and history. precipitation. (End)