chinese clothing ancient, buy hanfu, hanfu mask

chinese clothing ancient, buy hanfu, hanfu mask



is a city that can realize the freedom of Hanfu

In recent years

The traditional clothing culture represented by Hanfu

is increasingly favored by consumers


Shaanxi Hanfu Trading Center was established in Xi'an

This is not only a place for tourists to purchase and experience offline

it also provides a new purchasing channel for more than 20,000 Hanfu museums in Xi'an

This issue’s Xi’an Press Hall

Enter the Shaanxi Hanfu Trading Center with Xiaobu



Enter the Shaanxi Hanfu Trading Center At the exhibition and sales center of East China Wanyue City on Changle West Road, Xincheng District, many citizens and tourists are shopping for Hanfu. Xiaobu learned that all the Hanfu here are independently developed and designed by Hanfu designers, and are produced and processed locally in Shaanxi. Currently, there are 10 Hanfu production lines, with a daily output of 20,000 Hanfu pieces.

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“The Hanfu in the exhibition and sales service center all come from our own R&D and production base.” Kou Zengwen, director of the Shaanxi Provincial Hanfu Trading Center, said, “Currently we have There are more than 40 Hanfu designers from universities, enterprises, scientific research institutions, etc., who are mainly responsible for the research and development of Hanfu styles, fabrics, and technology.”

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Kou Zengwen introduced that through group production, intelligent production, and digital production, the quality of clothing in the Hanfu market in Xi'an, Shaanxi Province can be improved. We also look forward to carrying forward Shaanxi’s rich history and culture through the design team’s clothing works.

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"After the production of Hanfu is completed, there will be dedicated delivery personnel to send it to the display and sales base, and there will also be dedicated personnel to recycle used Hanfu. We are also equipped with 30 sets of sterilization equipment to provide cleaning services for Hanfu merchants." Kou Zengwen He said that after being sterilized by ethylene oxide, Hanfu can reach the level of medical grade products, which solves the hygiene and health problems of tourists and citizens wearing Hanfu.

Xiaobu learned that the establishment of the Hanfu Trading Center in Shaanxi Province is closely related to the strategic deployment of Xincheng District to "deeply cultivate the four major economic sectors and optimize the five major leading industries". Changle West Road Street in Xincheng District is based on Xijing Hospital The sector is characterized by agglomeration of commerce and people, taking advantage of the cultural and tourism resources of the ancient capital to actively introduce a trading center that integrates Hanfu R&D, production, distribution, display, sales, recycling and sterilization, providing merchants and Hanfu enthusiasts with a "one-stop service" "Stop-style" new cultural tourism experience.

Li Yabing, Human Resources Director of East China Wanyue City, introduced that the second floor of East China Wanyue City is the cosmetics wholesale base. The business here has radiated to the northwest. Now, with the support of the street, the Hanfu Trading Center is operational. In the future, cosmetics can be provided to various Hanfu cosmetics stores in Xi'an, and the customer flow in the cosmetics market will also drive Hanfu transactions. The Shaanxi Province Hanfu trading platform can fully link the upstream and downstream production, processing, sales and services of Hanfu-related products, and promote the gathering of the Hanfu industry belt here.

In the next step, we will focus on the theme of new Hanfu and new national trend, through the traditional culture + fashion industry model, and use the Hanfu national trend economy as an incision to dig deep into cultural elements, optimize and upgrade the business format, and promote the creativity of the Hanfu industry oriented, high-end and quality-oriented development to create a new highland of Hanfu national trend culture and provide merchants and Hanfu enthusiasts with a "one-stop" new cultural tourism experience.

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