Step-by-step instructions for making a Qixiong Ruqun

Step-by-step instructions for making a Qixiong Ruqun

I believe everyone knows that Hanfu is becoming more and more popular nowadays. While Hanfu is becoming popular, naturally all kinds of Hanfu culture are developing better and better! So, what kind of Hanfu do you like most?

I believe everyone has encountered the problem that the size of the Hanfu does not fit well when purchasing Hanfu! In fact, if you want the Hanfu to fit you, it’s very simple, just make one yourself! But, how do beginners make Hanfu? Don’t worry, let’s teach you how to make a beautiful chest-length skirt!

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Let’s first take a look at the fabrics to be used. First of all, you need to prepare the lining of the Hanfu. You can choose fabrics similar to chiffon. Then, you can choose to have more embroidery on the outer layer. Then put the lining inside and make pleats.

In addition, the fabric for making the skirt head is only taken from the embroidered area below, and the remaining fabric can be used to make a suspender belt.

Considering that there needs to be a lace next to it, find some similar colors for the laces, so that the overall color matching can be harmonious.

Then, everyone needs to look at the pattern of the chest-length undershirt and cut out the fabric according to the pattern. First cut this fabric into two parts and cut it to 1.5 meters. The lining fabric still needs to be spliced ​​with this piece of lining fabric, and the same goes for the table fabric. Its hem and side also need to be folded in and sewn using a flat car.

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First, join the lining fabric and the outer fabric together, then splice the outer fabric separately, and then make the skirt. Roll the edges in and sew them, then pleat them again.

First pick up the lining. Leave a one centimeter seam allowance on top. After sewing, trim off the edges. It is best to switch to the finest needle when making this kind of thin chiffon fabric.

Then connect the two pieces of tablecloth in the middle. First, connect the wrong sides to each other and sew them in a balanced manner. Then replace that thread with a thread of the same color as the fabric. Then iron the seam. Then drive another line along here.

After the lining and outer fabric have been joined together. Now, draw according to the marking rules on the paper pattern, starting from the middle. Then fold it according to the marked mark. The pleats are made to be three centimeters long. Since only two pieces of fabric are used, the pleats can be folded in this way. You can also fold them while driving. fold.

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After fixing the pleats, now measure the hem of the skirt. How much length is left? Then use this data to cut the skirt. Set the width of the skirt to a suitable width, then cut it out, and the skirt will be cut. After cutting, you can iron a piece of lining.

After the adhesive lining of the skirt is ironed, it will be stiffer. Now press the seam line you just drew and iron the outer seam allowance into it.

Two more ties are needed at the end. You can make it six centimeters wide, and then add the red head to make it almost seven centimeters. After the lace is done, it also needs to be ironed. After ironing, put this belt aside for later use.

Place the front of the skirt facing each other, and then draw a line here. Leave a 1.2 seam, and then cut off the excess. Sew the skirt together, and a beautiful chest-length skirt is ready!

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After reading this article about the making of chest-high underskirts, have you become more knowledgeable about chest-high underskirts? Do you like this chest-length underskirt? Can you make your own Hanfu? Let’s leave a message to discuss!