chinese clothing factory, lolita hanfu, hanfu reddit

chinese clothing factory, lolita hanfu, hanfu reddit

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The picture shows the "half arm" of the Tang Dynasty that Zhao Bo successfully copied. Photo by Liu Xinyu

China News Service, Langfang, August 15th (Song Mintao and Zheng Chenzi) Measurement, pattern making, cutting... On the 15th, in a Hanfu studio in Yongqing County, Hebei Province, Hebei Provincial Non-profit Zhao Bo, the inheritor of traditional Han costume making skills in the heritage project, measured the dimensions with a measuring tape and made a pattern on kraft paper. In a few minutes, the pattern of a Hanfu Taoist robe was completed.

When you walk into the Hanfu studio, there are only a desk, a measuring tape, and a pair of scissors... It is in this minimalist studio that Zhao Bo successfully copied the Han Dynasty plain gauze clothes and Tang Dynasty clothes. There are more than 100 pieces of exquisite Hanfu including half-arms from the Dynasty, collared shirts from the Song Dynasty and collared robes from the Yuan Dynasty.

Twenty years ago, when he was only 15 years old, Zhao Bo followed in his father’s footsteps and started collecting Hanfu. At the age of 16, in Tianjin, Zhao Bo collected a piece of Qing Dynasty court clothing for the first time on his own. After going to college, he became obsessed with Hanfu culture and went to nearby ancient towns to collect Hanfu whenever he had time. Over the years, he has not only visited more than 200 ancient villages and towns across the country to collect more than 2,000 pieces (sets) of Hanfu, but also restored and reproduced some Hanfu one by one.

Zhao Bo said that there are few Tang Dynasty costumes handed down from generation to generation, so it has always been his dream to restore the "half-arm" of the Tang Dynasty.

chinese clothing factory, lolita hanfu, hanfu reddit - Image 2 The picture shows Zhao Bo sewing Hanfu. Photo by Liu Xinyu

"The 'half-arm', as the name suggests, is a decorative garment in the Tang Dynasty, a bit like the 'waistcoat' worn by everyone today."Zhao Bo said that it took more than two years from material selection to production. He finally successfully copied the "half arm" of the Tang Dynasty, as if the Hanfu that had been dormant for thousands of years was "alive" and re-entered the vision of contemporary people. .

"Finding the right fabric is a difficult problem during the production process. The fabric of this 'half-arm' piece is made from a rare old piece of clothing, and its fabric-making techniques are in the same vein as the 'half-arm' fabric of the Tang Dynasty." . "Zhao Bo said.

Zhao Bo said that in order to make the ancient Hanfu making skills "alive", we must also keep its "essence". Nowadays, many of the hemp, cotton, leather, Bamboo and other fabrics are no longer available in the market due to their complicated production processes. These precious fabrics can only be ordered and woven by national-level intangible cultural heritage inheritors. Fadu is a concentrated expression of my country's Hanfu culture, which is a precious legacy left to us by our ancestors. "Zhao Bo said that the best inheritance is to let Hanfu come to people and enter people's lives.

Nowadays, Zhao Bo innovates cultural communication methods through the Internet, using WeChat public accounts, Douyin "Zhao Bo Talks about Hanfu" has attracted many fans of Hanfu. He said that his biggest wish is to allow more people to learn Hanfu culture and make Hanfu by themselves. He also hopes that my country's traditional Hanfu culture can go abroad and bloom overseas. .(End)