china clothing online, red hanfu, hanfu zhongli

china clothing online, red hanfu, hanfu zhongli

Jimu News reporter Di Xin

Correspondent Xixi Zhang Jun

Intern Xiong Liyuan

On the morning of June 1, Wuhan Children’s Hospital’s Sunshine Music On the stage, there are constant exciting programs and the atmosphere of Children's Day is full. The most special program of the day was undoubtedly the Hanfu show performed by sick children and university student volunteers. Accompanied by melodious ancient music, 20 university students and 20 children appeared in exquisite Hanfu and danced gracefully. , or walking in style, the Hanfu is elegant, as if traveling through time and space.

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The Hanfu show lights up the confidence of children

The 20 children participating in the Hanfu show are all children who have entered the recovery period in the hematology and oncology departments of Wuhan Children's Hospital in the past three years. The college students performing on the same stage are members of the "Life Ark" caring team from Yangtze Vocational College. Under the guidance and leadership of "Jingchu Good Teacher" Han Shuping, the team carries out ward activities every week in the activity room of the inpatient department of the Children's Hospital. Support education, through art therapy, accompanies sick children through the long treatment stage, and they have already established trust and friendship with each other.

On the eve of Children’s Day this year, teacher Han Shuping and the Social Service Department of Wuhan Children’s Hospital jointly planned this intangible cultural heritage experience activity just to accompany the children to spend an unforgettable Children’s Day.

For children who lacked opportunities to perform, performing on stage in front of everyone was still a little nervous and uneasy, but with the encouragement of their brothers and sisters, they bravelyThe moment they dared to step onto the stage, they showed a different version of themselves, and their courage and confidence were also transmitted to every audience in the outpatient hall who stopped to watch.

College student Jiang Lifei was full of praise for his little partner: "Xiao Feng (pseudonym) is a very imaginative child. He taught me how to make various handsome poses of anime heroes. He is very lively. It also amused the audience.”

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The 11-year-old Doudou (pseudonym) was originally a lively, cheerful and beautiful little girl. When she was 9 and a half years old, she was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia. After that, she went through a long treatment process. Fortunately, she underwent a hematopoietic stem cell transplant. Later, Doudou's health gradually improved. Doudou’s mother, Ms. Liu, said: “We basically have to go to the hospital for blood tests every week and undergo chemotherapy every two months. Compared with children of the same age, Doudou’s campus life has many shortcomings, and she also yearns to participate in collectives. activity. She was very excited when she learned that she had the opportunity to perform a Hanfu show today because she had not worn such a beautiful dress for a long time. "Ms. Liu also expressed that she hoped Doudou would remember this special Children's Day and wait until her health recovers in the future. I want to help more people in need like these brothers and sisters.

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This year, 14-year-old Xiaozhe (pseudonym) has just undergone a hematopoietic stem cell transplant less than half a year ago. Although there are still some minor problems that require follow-up treatment, Xiaozhe and his mother are full of confidence in the future. Xiaozhe’s mother said: “The child has been sick for ten years and has rarely participated in activities for ten years. Since the hematopoietic stem cell transplant was successful,, as long as there is an opportunity for activities, as long as the child is willing, he can safely let him participate and experience it. During this Children's Day activity, we can feel that the children have become more confident and cheerful. "

Xiaohua (pseudonym), who is 6 years old this year, has received a bone marrow transplant and participated in the Hanfu show this time. She said happily: "I look forward to getting better soon and going back to school. I really like the Hanfu given by my big brother and big sister. I want to wear Hanfu in a performance at school next year. ”

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At the event, in addition to Hanfu performances, the "Ark of Life" team also specially prepared a variety of activities such as dressing up, kneading clay, reading picture books, and experiencing intangible cultural heritage water rubbing techniques. “We started preparing for this Children’s Day event a month in advance. We are all art and design students. Together we prepared nearly a hundred artistic handicrafts such as woven bags, crocheted toys, clay paintings, and round fans, and brought them to the scene. Charity sale to raise money for the Children’s Hospital,” said He Lichang, a student volunteer of the “Ark of Life” team.

Providing "spiritual healing" for sick children for 22 consecutive years

"The opportunity to perform today is exactly what the children need. Judging from the results, every child has gained something. Zhang Jixi, a medical social worker at the Social Services Department of Wuhan Children's Hospital, said that the Hanfu show received positive response from parents at the beginning of preparations, and the number of participants was almost sold out.

“Each of these sick children has to be treated in the hospital for at least two years. The closed treatment environment makes their life very monotonous. Chemotherapy has caused changes in their hair and appearance. The children seemed a little closed off to outsiders, but Teacher Han and the volunteers prepared gorgeous costumes, wigs and headdresses for the children. Although they still showed subtle signs of illness, they still walked on the stage generously. , showing their cheerful side," Zhang Jixi said.

Xiong Hao, director of the Hematology Department of Wuhan Children’s Hospital, said; “Currently, the long-term survival expectancy for most children with acute leukemia is over 85%-90%, even for leukemia or other blood system, immune system diseases that require hematopoietic stem cell transplantation. For systemic diseases, we also have a professional team and rich experience to protect children. While giving good treatment to children, it is also important to protect their physical and mental health so that they can return with a positive and optimistic attitude.Only society can have its own wonderful future. ”

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It is reported that teacher Han Shuping from Yangtze Vocational College has used her professional expertise for 22 consecutive years to help children with leukemia relieve their pain and convey love, knowledge and hope through picture books and other methods. She went from doing it alone, to working with teachers and students as volunteers, and then to establishing the Hubei Ark of Life Leukemia Children's Reading Assistance Center... Today, the "Ark of Life" team has attracted 37 members from across the country with the support of the Hubei Provincial Women's Federation and others. Young volunteers from various universities have joined, and the cumulative service time for children with leukemia has reached more than 15,000 hours. It has also become Han Shuping's second classroom for moral education, aesthetic education and life education.

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Han Shuping integrated her charity experience into her teaching work. Teachers and students jointly created 27 inspirational picture books. She led teachers and students to actively develop the "Cows Are Not Afraid" series of cartoons with the theme of "Courage" to encourage more children, teenager. Han Shuping said: "When children face twists and turns in life, we and a group of big brothers and sisters will always accompany them, make brushes with heart, expand the length, width and height of life, ferry with heart, and hold up the ark of life. "

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