chinese clothing for female, hanfu lolita, fashion hanfu review

chinese clothing for female, hanfu lolita, fashion hanfu review

Original title: When doing Hanfu makeup, "live broadcast" by merchants without permission (introduction)

Lawyer: Consumers should have the courage to say "no" to the camera (topic)

Reporter Liu Xiaohua/Pictures

Recently, some consumers reported to reporters that when they were doing Hanfu makeup, they discovered that merchants were conducting online live broadcasts without their knowledge. When consumers ask, "Why did you broadcast live without my permission?" the merchant changes the topic and avoids talking about "stealing" behavior.

The reporter found through interviews that it is indeed common for consumers to be "live broadcasted" while doing makeup in Hanfu stores. Live broadcasting of real consumption scenes is exactly how many Hanfu experience store merchants draw traffic.

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The merchant started a live broadcast while doing makeup for customers.

Businesses draw traffic through actual consumption scenarios

"What you see in the live broadcast room now is the makeup we are doing in our store. What you see Makeup and makeup are our real services. Our group purchases are very cost-effective. Do you want to have the same makeup as this sister? Follow the anchor, you will be surprised. "On May 23, a family with 7 products on the platform. The Xi'an Hanfu Experience Center, which has thousands of fans, is conducting a live broadcast online. The screen is facing consumers doing makeup. Outside the screen, merchant anchors are constantly explaining the window products and answering questions from platform users.

The next day, the reporter visited and found that in addition to this kind of live broadcast with explanations, there are also some Xi'an Hanfu experience centers that live broadcast the entire process but do not arrange for anchors to explain and answer. They are just completed by makeup artists. An exquisite makeup to attract consumers to take pictures of the goods and services in the store.

The reporter visited in recent days and found that in the Hanfu experience centers that are popping up all over Xi'an, many merchants will launch group buying products on the short video platform. Live broadcasting to attract traffic to group buying products is an important way for merchants to survive. Regarding the traffic drainage effect, the merchant who arranged the anchor to explain said that his live broadcast had a strong sense of interaction, and indeed many users clicked into the group purchase link through the live broadcast and made purchases. However, more merchants said that they did not have the extra manpower to conduct live broadcast explanations, but other merchants were doing live broadcasts, and they also hoped to convert some of the platform's traffic through live broadcasts.

RememberWhen reporters asked the above-mentioned merchants whether they obtain consumers' consent before conducting live broadcasts, some merchants said that if consumers are not happy to be "live broadcasted", they will stop the live broadcast immediately. A few merchants also said that they would ask consumers in advance whether they are willing. Generally speaking, during the live broadcast process, most businesses generally do not obtain consumers' consent in advance. Some consumers do find that they are "live broadcast" after paying a little attention, but few consumers explicitly refuse.

Consumers’ non-rejection does not mean consent

It is understood that Xiao Wang discovered himself when he was doing makeup in a Hanfu makeup store with his friends. In the case of being "live broadcasted", she tentatively asked the merchant, "Is this live broadcast?" The merchant did not reply directly, but changed the subject and asked Xiao Wang "Which kind of headwear do you want to choose?" Afterwards, Xiao Wang told reporters that he thought about refusing at the time, but because the makeup had already been done, he did not ask the merchant again.

“Once I met a sister who was being live-streamed while doing makeup. When the sister asked the makeup artist if she was live-streaming, the makeup artist was obviously unhappy and stepped forward to block her. He turned to the camera and continued to apply makeup to the young lady. The young lady said nothing. "Xiao Li, a college student, told the reporter that he could understand the reluctance of makeup consumers to fall out with the merchants, but this was out of favor. Their non-rejection does not mean they agree to be "live broadcast".

The reporter saw many netizens sharing their experiences under the topic of "being broadcast live" on the online platform. Many netizens said that the phenomenon of "being broadcast live" is very common in an era where online and offline consumption scenarios are accelerating the integration. Eating, traveling, shopping and other occasions may be "live broadcast".

Lawyers suggest that we should bravely defend our rights

In the Internet era, violations of consumer privacy rights are rampant, and many new forms of expression have also emerged, such as "being broadcast live" "That's one of them. While merchants attract customers through physical consumption scenes, they also unknowingly expose unsuspecting consumers to the public eye, bringing uncertain risks to consumers.

Lawyer Fu Zhen from the Civil and Commercial Department of Shaanxi Xu Xiaoping Law Firm told reporters that in the process of accepting services provided by operators, consumers’ right to portrait and privacy should be strictly protected, not the operator’s lens Actors or props below. Some merchants live broadcast scenes of consumers' personal images, such as makeup, without obtaining consumers' consent, and conduct commercial promotions, which blurs the boundary between merchants' operational autonomy and consumers' legitimate rights and interests.

Lawyer Fu suggested that once consumers find themselves being filmed in short videos or live broadcasts by merchants, they should have the courage to say "no"; if they find that the merchant has constituted infringement, they should report it through the complaint channels of the relevant platforms to prompt Illegal short videos or live broadcasts will be removed from the shelves and rectified in a timely manner. If the matter cannot be resolved, you can safeguard your rights according to law by filing a complaint with the relevant department or filing a lawsuit in court.

Source: Xi'an Daily