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Recently, there have been voices on the Internet questioning the increasingly smaller sizes of Hanfu and the increasingly narrow standards for women’s appearance.

The newly bought pants need to be shortened by 10 centimeters, and wearing a top makes me breathless

“The pants are longer and the clothes are shorter. My figure is already like this Is it bad?" On May 30, Ms. Xu, a Taiyuan citizen, kept feeling after going shopping. After investigation, the reporter found that many women's clothing sizes were too exaggerated, which attracted complaints from ladies.

Making longer and longer trousers

On May 29, Ms. Xu took 3 pairs of newly bought trousers to the mall to have the hems cut. The 3 pairs of trousers were each cut to about 10 centimeters. . "Who are these pants made for now? Why are they so long?" Ms. Xu complained while waiting.

Ms. Xu is 1.65 meters tall. Before, she always thought her height was okay. In the past two years, she has become less and less confident about her height because of the length of her pants. "Every time I buy pants, I have to cut them off, usually about 10 centimeters. The average height of women now is over 1.70 meters?" Ms. Xu said. Ms. Xu’s complaints attracted the echo of many customers around her.

At 5 pm on May 29, in this shopping mall near Jiefang Road in the provincial capital, there was an endless stream of customers coming to have their pants cut. Within an hour of the reporter's observation, at least seven customers came to cut the hems of their pants, and the lengths they cut ranged from 5 centimeters to 10 centimeters. The staff said that every time the season changes, they will be busy from morning to night.

The reporter opened a shopping website, searched for "pants", opened several random links, and found that the length of women's pants in size M is basically 106 centimeters or even longer. Relevant data released in 2024 show that the average height of women aged 18 to 44 in my country is 158 centimeters. Comparing the two, these pants are indeed longer. The situation in physical stores is basically the same. The average length of women's trousers is generally 103 centimeters. Why are pants getting longer and longer? Industry insiders say this is related to fashion trends. In the past two years, wide-leg pants that cover the feet have become popular again. In order to make their legs look longer, many women wear thick-soled dad shoes, and their pants have to be lengthened by 10 centimeters. However, this trouser length is not very friendly to women who don’t like to wear thick-soled shoes. “It doesn’t matter, just cut the edges. Cutting 10 cm will not affect the shape of the pants.” In some shopping malls, counters provide free edge trimming services.

Some online stores specializing in trousers have also noticed this problem and have launched long and short versions of the same trousers to meet the needs of customers of different heights.

The tops are getting smaller and smaller

What causes Taiyuan girl Xiao Han’s figure anxiety is the size of her tops. Xiao Han, who is a junior this year, is 1.70 meters tall and weighs 100 pounds. Xiao Han has always considered his body shape to be on the taller and thinner side. In the past two days, Xiao Han bought several free-size short-sleeved T-shirts from a certain online celebrity Hanfu store. "I can't wear them at all. I barely put them on. It makes people breathless." Xiao Han looked at the online store. One of the positive comments in the link fell into deep thought, "Are everyone else so thin? I'm already fat.Too old to wear one-size-fits-all clothes? ”

In fact, there has been a long history of complaints about the smaller and smaller sizes of Hanfu.

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Some girls complained that current short skirts are not as long as leggings, and a girl weighing 80 pounds found that she could not squeeze into a skirt of size XS... Popular science data shows that the formula for calculating normal women's waist circumference = height (cm) ÷ 2-14 (cm), plus or minus 5% are within the normal range. Taking a height of 168 cm as an example, the waist circumference should be 70 cm. The normal range is 66.5 cm to 73.5 cm, which is also a common waist circumference range. According to the "Fifth National Physique Monitoring Bulletin" issued by the National Physical Fitness Monitoring Center, the average waist circumference of Chinese women basically remains above 70cm. However, this average value is in the size column of many Internet celebrity Hanfu. Not to mention M size (Medium), it is very likely that even L size (Large) cannot be worn.

Data released by a fashion public account shows that among the top ten comprehensively ranked products for Hanfu casual pants and skirts on an e-commerce platform, half of the internet celebrity Hanfu L sizes have a waist circumference of 70cm or less.

A few years ago, Brandy Melville was popular on social platforms. This brand focuses on "One size fits all". In most cases, the size is only suitable for girls who are thin enough. Therefore, it has formed an online reputation. Not a small topic. It cannot be denied that this kind of clothing, which is only suitable for "a few people", will make people feel happy and want to share. As long as they are healthy, fair, young and thin girls are indeed beautiful and pleasing to the eye. But once a trend forms, it can easily become extreme and morbid, and there is even a phenomenon of adult women wearing children's clothing. To this day, although the popularity and topic of BM style has long subsided, the white and thin aesthetic still exists. This aesthetic has given birth to the same type of Internet celebrities. Their clothes have become the style reference for many girls, so the sizes of Hanfu tend to be like this changes.

The Hanfu market needs diverse aesthetics

Many women are troubled by the repeated shrinkage of Hanfu sizes. Many women have even lost weight just to fit into the staggeringly narrow size. The phenomenon. This craze for pursuing a “paper body” is a shackle caused by a single aesthetic. Many businesses rely on solidifiedAesthetics are used to create a morbid and deformed carnival, advocating women to change themselves to adapt to clothes, thus continuously deepening this unhealthy aesthetic concept.

Aesthetic diversity is a topic that has attracted much attention in recent years. Correspondingly, it is the singleness of aesthetic culture in today's society. For example, "appearance anxiety" is a widespread emotion among women. The underlying cause is the narrowness and singleness of mainstream aesthetics. Because under certain circumstances, the definition of "beauty" in social concepts is only thin and inherent descriptions such as "white, thin", causing other styles and looks to become "unbeautiful", such distorted judgment standards lead to unhealthy aesthetic singleness, and are related to The intersection of multiple realities creates a sense of fragmentation, making many women feel inferior and anxious about their own "unbeautifulness."

Faced with this kind of binary aesthetic structure, more and more voices and opinions are seeking a more universal and diverse aesthetic, spreading the definition of "beauty" into multiple categories, levels, and dimensions. In the process of exploring aesthetic diversity, there are also some people who will go to extremes under some external or self-imposed pressure and blindly deny the original single aesthetic culture, leading to the emergence of a binary opposition.

Rejecting a deformed single aesthetic does not mean completely negating the original aesthetic culture, and pursuing aesthetic diversity does not simply mean "going against" the original aesthetic. You can be fat or thin; you can be tall or short. Everything that exists has its own aesthetic perspective. The meaning of diversity lies in freedom and broadness, rather than dividing into different camps. To realize the concept of "aesthetic diversity", we need to create a true hotbed for the growth of multiple aesthetic cultures in terms of cultural environment.

Some experts pointed out that the shadow of capital is actually hidden behind these phenomena. Driven by commercial interests, some brands and media have put women into a passive predicament by deliberately creating and emphasizing these appearance standards. In the name of "beauty", they are actually depriving women of their right to choose and making them go further and further down the road of pursuing beauty.

However, beauty should be diverse and inclusive. Every woman has her own unique charm, whether it is appearance, figure or inner qualities, and deserves to be respected and appreciated.

Therefore, we need to re-examine the definition and pursuit of female beauty. The value of women should not only depend on their appearance and figure, but also on their intelligence, abilities and personality. We should encourage women to bravely pursue their dreams and passions and show their unique charm. At the same time, we also need to advocate a healthier and more inclusive aesthetic concept so that women are no longer bound and restricted in their pursuit of beauty.

(Source: Shanxi Evening News, Ran News)

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