chinese clothing labels, yandan hanfu, picrew hanfu

chinese clothing labels, yandan hanfu, picrew hanfu

Cover News Reporter Zhang Xuan

With the Dragon Boat Festival approaching, Chengdu, a historic and cultural city, once again ushered in a grand festival celebration. This year, according to the 2024 Dragon Boat Festival event press conference, Chengdu will plan and launch a variety of Dragon Boat Festival cultural and tourism activities. At the same time, major business districts in Chengdu have also carefully planned a series of special activities to allow citizens and tourists to deeply experience the charm of China's excellent traditional culture while enjoying the holidays.

A city-wide Dragon Boat Festival feast, come to Chengdu to experience the "Dragon Love Zongzi"

On the eve of the Dragon Boat Festival, the Information Office of the Chengdu Municipal People's Government held the 2024 Dragon Boat Festival The city-wide Dragon Boat Festival cultural and tourism activity plan of “2+5+N+10” was announced at the event press conference. That is, two main venue activities, five Dragon Boat Festival themed characteristic folk activities, N city supporting activities, and ten Dragon Boat Festival folk themed boutique tourism routes. Including dragon boat racing, rice dumpling making experience, folk customs display, etc., citizens and tourists can deeply experience the traditional customs of the Dragon Boat Festival during their participation.

Wear Chinese clothes and enjoy the new trend of Chinese culture

In the business district, major shopping malls in Chengdu are also actively planning special activities. For example, the Hanfu Month event held in Qunguang Square provides a platform for Hanfu enthusiasts to display and communicate. During the Dragon Boat Festival, activities such as Hanfu mahjong competition, hotel chef’s rice dumpling teaching experience, limited-edition Chinese-style makeup creation, and intangible cultural heritage lacquer fans were held in turn. In addition, after the Dragon Boat Festival, activities such as cloisonné enamel and Song Dynasty tea ordering will be held one after another, full of national customs.

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Watch exhibitions, play, and eat, one-stop enjoyment of the Dragon Boat Festival

The recently opened Chengdu Wenjiang Xuhui Cmall made a stunning appearance with 240+ high-quality brands, and introduced more than 30% The first brand in the region brings a new consumer experience to surrounding residents. During the Dragon Boat Festival, citizens can visit the Sanfu xFUNCKY national tour exhibition and receive exclusive souvenirs on site. In addition, you can also check in to the original "Light" flower and plant art exhibition, which was co-operated with Zhi Chengdu for the first time in the country. The art exhibition presents a series of themed displays and installations such as the sun, moon, stars, flowers, birds, fish, clouds, and rainbows.

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Chengdu Wenjiang Xuhui Cmall is positioned as a new center of LOHAS trendy fun, aiming to bring a new consumption experience and lifestyle to consumers, and focuses on presenting three major themed business spaces: a new food landmark and a preferred place for parent-child travel. , the place where trendy surprises happen. Here, citizens and tourists can enjoy delicious food, and experience full-format services such as parent-child entertainment, children's retail, and children's training with their children in the 10,000-square-meter children's business space. In addition, the mall also introduced Wenjiang's first three-dimensional cross-level theme park, providing a multi-scene fun space for parents and families.

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Dragon Boat Carnival, the Dragon Boat Festival water carnival is full of fun

At the same time, Luhu Lake will also hold a grand Dragon Boat Festival event. Dragon boat races, dragon boat team performances, dragon boat carnivals, water ballet performances, dragon boat garden gatherings, dragon boat summer concerts, and dragon boat summer night parties will bring a unique Dragon Boat Festival experience to many citizens and tourists. Various activities such as the Zoo Synchronized Diving Contest, the Dragon Boat Tug of War, the Zoo Kayak Relay, the Zoo Water Duck Chase, the Zoo Water Sports Season, etc. make the Dragon Boat Festival even more interesting.

During the Dragon Boat Festival, Chengdu will bring an unforgettable festival experience to citizens and tourists with its unique cultural charm and rich activity arrangements. Whether participating in traditional Dragon Boat Festival folk activities or experiencing the festival atmosphere in modern business districts, people can deeply feel the breadth and depth of China's excellent traditional culture and the charm of the times.