The significance of Hanfu is by no means as simple as just a piece of clothing

The significance of Hanfu is by no means as simple as just a piece of clothing

Chinese culture has gone through five thousand years of purification and baptism. In the long history, Hanfu culture has perfected itself through continuous inheritance, and gradually formed a unique clothing system that is inherited from one source. China has been a "land of etiquette" since ancient times, and Hanfu has become one of the carriers of civilized etiquette. Hanfu culture not only represents the broad and profound Chinese culture, but also embodies the hierarchical civilization of Chinese civilization and the Confucian thoughts of benevolence and righteousness.

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The significance of Hanfu is more than just a piece of clothing. It carries our national history, national spirit and national culture. The rise of Hanfu culture is a cultural inheritance after taking the essence and discarding the dross.

Hanfu, it has elegant clothes and strict shape. The free and easy elegance constitutes the rich cultural connotation and unique temperament of Hanfu. It brings out the dignity, femininity and heroic demeanor of women, and also expresses the elegance of men.

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In the ancient times when hierarchy was clear, you wore different clothes for different occasions, and clothing also represented whether your etiquette was in place. There are many types of Hanfu. Mianfu is the highest-level dress for men in ancient times and is also a symbol of power; court clothes are worn when ministers meet at court and grand ceremonies are held; military clothes are worn when generals protect their families and the country and gallop on the battlefield. Wear more.

The most typical deep garment in Hanfu symbolizes the unity of nature and man, magnanimity, fairness and integrity, and the Chinese virtues of tolerance for all things. The wide cuffs not only symbolize the harmony of heaven, but also reflect the tolerance of the Chinese people towards others; the intersection of the necklines at right angles symbolizes authenticityIt is square; there is a straight seam on the back running from top to bottom, which symbolizes the integrity of human nature, and also represents the chivalrous and righteous behavior of our Chinese sons and daughters; the waist is tied with a large belt, which symbolizes balance; it is divided into two parts, the top and the bottom, symbolizing the two parts; the top is made of four pieces of cloth, symbolizing There are four seasons throughout the year; twelve pieces of cloth are used on the lower garment to symbolize the twelve months of the year. Wearing deep clothes can naturally embody the harmony of heaven, embrace the uprightness of earth, conform to the righteous way of the world, move forward and retreat in accordance with the rules of balance, and live in accordance with the order of the four seasons.

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Some people may think that Hanfu is rigid, rigid and hierarchical. However, with the development of Hanfu now, there is no class distinction, only specific functions. The strict and complete clothing categories of Hanfu: formal clothes, casual clothes, and casual clothes can basically meet people's various needs. Hanfu is the key to opening the door to Han culture. While reviving the trend of Hanfu, it also re-learns Han culture. As the ancients said, it starts with clothes and reaches far away. I hope that more people can learn about Chinese traditions through Hanfu. culture and carry forward the core connotation of traditional culture.

The Hanfu in my mind is clearly comparable to Yunxia in "Clouds Think of Clothes, Flowers Think of Appearance"; the Hanfu in my eyes can set off the momentum of our great China, "Nine heavens close the palaces, and the clothes and crowns of all nations worship the crown" . The Hanfu in my dream is as luxurious as the one in "Embroidered clothes shine in late spring, with golden peacocks and silver unicorns". The Hanfu in my mind is the young man wearing Hanfu with gentle eyebrows in "A gentleman is unparalleled in the world, and a stranger is like jade".

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Dressed in beautiful and elegant Han Dynasty clothes, you can stroll through the long history of China.Today, it would be so pleasant to have the courage to walk on the street wearing Hanfu and feel the strange eyes and style; in today's society where romantic wedding dresses are popular, wearing a phoenix crown and harem is so elegant and dignified...