chinese queen clothes, hanfu in english, hanfu anime

chinese queen clothes, hanfu in english, hanfu anime

Recently, Dong Mingzhu, chairman of Gree Electric Appliances, appeared on the streets of the ancient city of Luoyang wearing Hanfu, which aroused heated discussions among netizens. Some people praised her for showing her love for Chinese culture, while others questioned whether this outfit really suited her. In any case, Dong Mingzhu once again became the focus of public opinion with her national fashion dress.

The beauty of Hanfu shows the style of the ancient city

Dong Mingzhu chose to visit the ancient city of Luoyang this time, and wore Hanfu, which complemented this ancient city with a long history. As a representative of traditional Chinese clothing, Hanfu shows the unique charm of Chinese culture with its elegant, dignified and beautiful style. A successful modern female entrepreneur wears traditional clothing with ethnic characteristics and walks on the streets of the historic ancient city, conveying a unique charm of the blend of tradition and modernity, and adding a bright color to the ancient city.

The national trend leads the new direction of fashion

In recent years, the national trend is in the ascendant, and more and more people have begun to re-understand and appreciate traditional Chinese culture. As a well-known entrepreneur, Dong Mingzhu’s appearance in Hanfu has undoubtedly played a positive role in promoting the development and spread of the national trend. Through her actions, she showed the public the beauty of traditional Chinese costumes, and at the same time expressed her confidence and love for national culture. Under the influence of Dong Mingzhu, I believe that more people will join the ranks of promoting and inheriting Chinese culture, making the national trend a new direction leading the fashion trend.

Dong Mingzhu appeared in the ancient city of Luoyang wearing Hanfu this time, once again demonstrating her personality charm of daring to break through tradition and being brave in innovation. Whether in the business field or in personal dressing style, Dong Mingzhu always sticks to herself and shows her unique charm. Just as she once resolutely resisted the acquisition of Gree by foreign capital, Dong Mingzhu used actions to interpret the confidence of a national brand and persistence in national culture. I believe that under the leadership of Dong Mingzhu, more Chinese people will understand and appreciate the extensive and profound Chinese culture with an open and confident attitude, allowing the beauty of the national trend to shine more dazzlingly.

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