chinese size 60, hanfu right over left, hanfu blue

chinese size 60, hanfu right over left, hanfu blue

AI trainers, drone pilots, cross-border e-commerce anchors... With the continuous emergence of new economies, new business formats, and new models, a large number of new professions with novel models have been spawned. In these new careers, many job seekers have seized the opportunity to create a wonderful life of their own.

Cross-border e-commerce anchors connect with hundreds of overseas consumers a day

Walking into a shop in Yiwu Trade City, in a space of more than ten square meters There are four cross-border e-commerce anchors who speak fluent English and are showing their products to overseas consumers in the live broadcast room through their mobile phones. The proprietress sitting aside seems particularly calm about such a crowded scene.

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Lv Shuxi shows samples of the live broadcast room

In the live broadcast room of Lv Shuxi, a student from Yiwu Vocational College of Foreign Languages ​​and Foreign Trade, most overseas consumers are from the United States, and a small number are from the United Kingdom, Malaysia and Singapore. At first, all categories of products were displayed in the live broadcast room, but as they analyzed the needs of consumers in the live broadcast room in-depth, Lu Shuxi and her team gradually made beaded accessories the main product of the live broadcast room. “Overseas consumers like to DIY these beads into pens, bookmarks, and keys. Or just wear it as a bracelet."

"Every morning at 9 o'clock, I take the bus or ride a bicycle from the rented house to Yiwu Trade City. I will post some short videos first, and then the broadcast will usually be live until 4 p.m. At 5 o'clock, after the broadcast, I will occasionally work overtime with everyone to pack and deliver goods. "Since starting from scratch as a cross-border e-commerce anchor, Lu Shuxi has a sense of accomplishment in this career path. "Now she has an average of hundreds of contacts every day. As an overseas consumer, the order completion rate is over 90%, and my income is very considerable for a graduate.”

Data calculated by the General Administration of Customs show that my country’s cross-border e-commerce will enter the market in 2023. Exports were 2.38 trillion yuan, an increase of 15.6%, of which exports were 1.83 trillion yuan, an increase of 19.6%, and imports were 548.3 billion yuan, an increase of 3.9%, accounting for 5.7% of foreign trade imports and exports. In the first quarter of this year, my country’s cross-border e-commerce Import and export reached 577.6 billion yuan, an increase of 9.6%. This opportunity has made it easy for thousands of domestic manufacturing companies to do global business, allowed many talents who graduated from foreign language majors to find new opportunities for employment, and also gave birth to the new profession of cross-border e-commerce anchors.

AI Trainer: Let artificial intelligence "understand" people better

Wang Xin, a Hubei girl who works in an artificial intelligence technology company that focuses on empowering AI technology, is an AI trainer. While Wang Xin logged into the company's WeChat account on her computer, she opened her own WeChat account on her mobile phone and found the user "B-612" in the company's WeChat account. "B-612" is actually AI, which is the code name Wang Xin gave it.

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Wang Xin is training "B-612". Photographed by Zhejiang Online reporter Bao Yong

"I want to have a physical examination. What packages can you recommend?" Wang Xin entered text on her WeChat and asked "B-612" ". "What we are training now is AI in the big health category. We need to set up user roles to constantly ask it." Wang Xin said.

While speaking, AI has already given an answer: "Hello, our hospital has packages of 599 yuan, 899 yuan, and 1099 yuan. If necessary, you can call us for consultation."

"This answer is not considerate enough." Wang Xin opened the "B-612" backend system and added to the answer: "If you want to do chest CT, it is recommended to choose the 599 yuan package."

User Every time a question is asked and every correction made by the AI ​​trainer, historical data will be recorded by the AI. Through computing power and big data analysis, when the user uses it again, the answer given by AI will be more targeted, which is why AI becomes smarter the more it is used.

In the view of Wei Zhun, an artificial intelligence trainer born in the 1990s, the continuous emergence of new professions is a major benefit to college graduates and other groups. Young people embarking on the "track" of new careers not only means unlimited possibilities for personal growth, but also brings more opportunities and possibilities to the job market and economic development.

Drone pilots escort "air order takers"

What is it like to deliver takeout by drone? In Shenzhen Talent Park, citizens can quickly get "airdropped" milk tea, burgers and other takeaways in the park with just a few clicks of their fingers. Convenient and novel consumption experience is inseparable from the "escort" of drone pilots.

With the development of low-altitude economy, drones are widely used in aerial photography, surveying and mapping, express delivery and other industries.With the use of drones, the emerging profession of drone pilots has gradually penetrated into people's lives.

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Meituan drone pilot Luo Xikun

Meituan drone pilot Luo Xikun said that compared with conventional aerial photography drones, logistics drones are operated by the background and do not require professional expertise. The pilot directly controls it. After the staff loads the items, they notify the backend on the system. After the drone takes off, it performs the delivery task according to the route designed by the system. However, drone pilots need to monitor the system in real time to ensure the normal operation of the drone.

Before becoming a drone pilot, Luo Xikun was a traditional takeout delivery person. From rider to pilot, he deeply felt the convenience brought by technological development to people’s lives, which not only saved a lot of communication time, and delivery efficiency has also been greatly improved. Traditional delivery takes an average of 30 minutes for an order, while drone delivery takes about 20 minutes, and an order can even be completed in as fast as 10 minutes. And the arrival time of food delivery can be accurate to seconds.

“Time travel in one second”, the unpopular Hanfu makeup artist is completely popular

As the Hanfu cultural experience scenes become more and more diverse, people’s interest in Hanfu The demand for makeup is increasing day by day, and tourists wearing Hanfu can be seen everywhere in the streets and alleys, giving people the feeling of "traveling back in one second." The "breaking the circle" and "expanding the circle" of Hanfu has made the originally unpopular Hanfu makeup artist completely popular!

According to platform data, in the three days before this year’s May Day holiday, the search popularity for “Hanfu makeup” increased by more than 150% year-on-year. On the first day of the May Day holiday, the makeup store near the Bell Tower in Xi'an was full of customers. A merchant said that during the May Day period, there were 12 makeup teachers working in the store at the same time, and it took an average of 45 minutes to produce a "prosperous Tang" makeup teacher. "People", the waiting time for a table starts at about 1 hour. Many makeup artists said that there are so many people trying Hanfu during the Spring Festival, May Day and other holidays that they are simply too busy.

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The supply of Hanfu makeup artists exceeds the demand, and the market gap has created a new employment trend. Many young people are aiming at this track. "More than 20 Hanfu studios come to us for recruitment every month, and many students find jobs before graduating." Li Ying, assistant to the principal of Xi'an Langtu Times Photography and Styling School, said that the demand for graduated Hanfu makeup artists has been in short supply, and some even The owner of the Hanfu shop came to learn Hanfu make-up by himself.

“The Hanfu economy has spawned new professions, and behind it is the internal driving force of culture, which shows that traditional culture is increasingly accepted and loved by the public.” Shi Qian, executive director of the Hanfu Culture Committee of the Sichuan Traditional Culture Promotion Association said in an interview.

Pet taxidermists, trainers...Refined consumption accelerates the creation of new professions in the pet economy

"2023" produced by the pet industry big data platform "2024 China Pet Industry White Paper (Consumption Report)" shows that in 2023, the size of China's urban pet consumption market will be 279.3 billion yuan, and is expected to reach 361.3 billion yuan in 2026. The rising pet economy has also spawned a variety of new professions, including pet beauticians, morticians, and bone setters.

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Sun Yonglin, general manager of a biotechnology company in Dalian, told reporters that many young people are reluctant to leave their pets that have been with them for many years, so they use specimens to give their pets a "rebirth." "Many pet owners contact me and want to preserve their dead dogs with their fur. The cost of turning a dog into a plastinated specimen is 16,000 yuan."

Xiao Huawu is a pet steward in Changsha. A pet hotel opened in Yuelu District, specializing in hosting golden retrievers, Labrador retrievers and Bichon Frize dogs. The dogs fostered here live in single rooms with independent cameras and air conditioning. Whenever the weather is fine, Xiao Huawu will take the dogs to the outdoor track and lawn to play. He said that people like to send mail when traveling and on vacation.Keeping a pet costs more than 100 yuan per day.

Xu Dabo, who has been engaged in dog training for nearly 30 years, is the vice president of the Hunan Kennel Association. He said that with the surge in demand for domestic pet training, the number of pet trainers and training schools has increased year by year. In addition to training dog behavior, pet trainers will also teach pet owners to understand dog psychology, how to raise dogs scientifically, and deal with human-canine separation anxiety, etc.

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"Pet beauticians have become a talent shortage in the industry, with a gap of 6 million every year." Chen Jinxiu founded a pet beautician school in Changsha to train pet beauticians and trainers. The pet grooming and nursing vocational skills certificate evaluator said that many vocational schools and universities in China have opened courses and majors in pet care and training, bringing more high-quality talents to the pet industry.

(Poster News Editor Liu Meixian synthesized reports from CCTV, Zhejiang Online, Economic Information Daily, China News Network, etc.)