The Splendid Opening of the Hanfu Culture Festival in Haidian Town, China

The Splendid Opening of the Hanfu Culture Festival in Haidian Town, China


Xiu Yuchen/Photographed

On April 20, the "Haidian Town + U·Discover the Beauty of Three Mountains and Five Gardens" Hanfu Cultural Festival kicked off brilliantly, bringing an unforgettable national experience to the people in the area. Wind experience.

With the melodious music of the guzheng classic "Jianchang Moon", the Hanfu Culture Festival was officially launched. At the scene, the audience seemed to have traveled through time and space, witnessing the Chinese fashion show of gentle Hanfu and heroic Hanfu and horse-faced skirts. The bamboo flute solo "Floating Light" is even more fascinating, with every note telling the deep affection of the ancients. In addition to traditional cultural performances, this event also carefully designed Hanfu experience and "Six Arts and Eight Elegance" cultural experience activities. Participants can not only wear exquisite traditional costumes made in various dynasties, but also experience the elegant life of the ancients, such as The three-mountain-five-garden poetry meeting included pot throwing, calligraphy, incense tea tasting, and fan making, etc. Participants seemed to have traveled through time and space and returned to the land of etiquette with fluttering robes, expressing their respect for traditional Chinese culture.

“It’s my first time to try making dried flower fan. It’s really fun and happy. I’ve gained a lot today!” Zhao Muyaosheng from Class 2, Grade 3, Xiyuan Primary School shared excitedly own experience. Parents were also full of praise for this activity, “Although children are also exposed to calligraphy, painting, paper-cutting and other art forms training in school every day, this three-mountain-five-park cultural experience activity provides them with a rare opportunity. Being able to fully experience the essence of these traditional cultures at the same time and place not only allows them to gain knowledge and fun, but also further deepens their understanding and love for traditional culture.”

Activities. The most eye-catching thing at the scene was the "jointly painting a picture of hundreds of people in three mountains and five gardens" session. Everyone gathered together and painted on the huge canvas to depict the beautiful scenery of three mountains and five gardens in their hearts. This not only deepens everyone’s understanding of the culture of the Three Mountains and Five Gardens, but also inspires confidence in the national culture.

Wang Huiying, member of the Haidian Town Party Committee and Minister of the Armed Forces Department, said: "Haidian Town is located in the core area of ​​the Three Mountains and Five Gardens historical and cultural scenic area. The Qinglongqiao Village where this event was held was historically the ancient royal road. .Everyone at the event was a man.Wearing costumes, everyone is filled with cultural confidence from the inside out, and this is our original intention of organizing this Hanfu Festival. This Hanfu Festival is the first event of the 'Haidian Town + U' cultural life brand. Next, we will carry out a series of cultural activities to benefit the people around education, health, science popularization, etc., and use high-quality public cultural products to talk about the three mountains and five areas. Garden stories to promote cultural inheritance and development. ” (Reporter Suo Yue)